In the morning the Christian’s first thoughts should be upon God. Worldly labor and self-interest should be secondary. Children should be taught to respect and reverence the hour of prayer.... It is the duty of Christian parents, morning and evening, by earnest prayer and persevering faith, to make a hedge about their children. They should patiently instruct them—kindly and untiringly teach them how to live in order to please God.

Child Guidance, p. 519

Alter Your Alter (Ideas for Family Worship)

The following are ways your family can learn about prayer. (Taken from The Power of Family Prayer, National Day of Prayer Task Force, Colorado Springs, CO, 1998, p. 39.)

  • After watching the news on television, turn the set off and spend a few minutes praying for the needs of those whose stories were told that day. Examples might be victims of crime and those who attacked them, those whose homes or property were damaged by natural disasters or the restoration of peace to people at war.
  • When you pack your child’s lunch for school, include a prayer for him or her and remind them to pray for someone else in the family before they eat lunch.
  • Memorize passages like 1 Tim. 2:1, 2 and discuss the importance of praying for your extended family and friends.

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