In the Treasury department, we have the honor of receiving the resources that flow into God's church from his faithful children and distributing it to different ministries that help spread God's love and word throughout our area.

These funds and gifts make the growth and development of this family we call the church possible; sending the sustaining resources to programs like Sunset Lake, local evangelism, local education, and school programs.

The Government of Heaven is about benevolence, and this is exemplified in the church. Selfless gifts and resources flow from God's children, extending the loving arm of God to more and more places.

Remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive," Acts 20:35.


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The Treasury department provides short and long-term financial planning for the Washington Conference, processes accounting functions such as payroll, church remittance, appropriations and subsidies; manages investments and insurance; and provides computer support to the local churches and schools for accounting software.

Treasury provides accounting services to Auburn Adventist Academy and Sunset Lake Camp. It serves as an advisor for all Conference churches, academies, and elementary schools, and performs financial reviews of these entities. Training classes and coaching sessions are available for treasurers.

The department reports to the Executive Committee, Board of Education, Lay Advisory, and the Constituency session and is held accountable through annual financial audits by the General Conference Auditing Services for Washington Conference, Western Washington Corporation, Auburn Adventist Academy, Puget Sound Adventist Academy, Skagit Adventist Academy, and Orcas Christian School.