Transformed by God

God is using Prison Ministries to renew hope and transform lives. Adventist Prison Ministries Fellowship (APMF) coordinates the volunteers reaching out to those affected by incarceration throughout western Washington.

The Fellowship meets twice a year for information, inspiration, coordination and fellowship. All active or interested Prison Ministries volunteers are encouraged to attend.

Volunteers help in three primary ways with Prison Ministry:

  1. Ministry Team volunteers offer Bible studies and worship services within major prisons and jails in western Washington.
  2. PenPal volunteers writes letters to inmates.
  3. HOPE House volunteers provide support for six (6) men while they transition back into society from incarceration.

Volunteers Welcome

All Prison Ministry volunteers must be Adventist members in good standing and recommended by their local church board. New requirement: Volunteers must also be fully vaccinated.

To become a prison ministry volunteer, you need to attend a volunteer orientation, submit a volunteer application, visit a prison as a one-time guest, and sign a Volunteer Code of Contact.

You will then receive volunteer status approval from Adventist Prison Ministry Fellowship to be placed in ministry at an institution.

Additional training, a volunteer badge, and orientation specific to the institution will be provided.

To continue as a prison ministry volunteer, all volunteers will do one of the following continuing education options each year to stay safe and ready for ministry:

  • Attend one or more hours of training offered by APMF
  • Attend the NW Prison Ministry Convention (offered every 3 years)
  • Attend one or more hours of other educational forums as approved by the APMF Coordinator.


Become a Prison Ministry Volunteer!

Submit an interest form, and you will be contacted about your next step.

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