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Adventist Prison Ministries (APM) Washington coordinates the volunteers reaching out to inmates housed in correctional facilities throughout western Washington.

Through Prison Ministries, hope is renewed and lives are transformed by God. There are 12 ministry groups (supported by 15 churches) serving in seven institutions in western Washington.

New volunteers are welcome to serve after attending an orientation.

Volunteers are needed for In-Prison Church Services and Bible Studies; Inmate Counseling; Friendly Visitor Program; Pen Pal Program; Pre-Release and Re-Entry; Inmate Education; Literature Distribution; Jail Ministry; Juvenile Home Ministry; Ministry to Inmate Families.

Adventist Prison Ministry Fellowship

This fellowship group is comprised of Prison Ministry volunteers from across the conference. The fellowship meets twice a year for information, inspiration, coordination and fellowship. Everyone active or interested in Prison Ministries is welcome to attend and learn.

Institutional Bible Study and Worship Services

About 12 ministry groups (supported by many local churches) present Bible study and worship services within the major prisons and jails in western Washington.

Transitional Housing

An initiative to provide transitional housing for newly released individuals is being developed. Show your support for this ministry by giving today. Your gift of $300 or more in a year will make you a member of the Committee of 100 for Transitional Housing.

Don’t Follow Me

Don’t Follow Me is a group of former inmates who share their testimonies about God’s pursuit and transformation of their lives. Churches are able to schedule a Prison Ministry emphasis Sabbath that includes a sermon and afternoon program presented by this ministry team.

Schedule a Prison Ministry Sabbath!

Northwest Prison Ministry Retreat

Every two years a Northwest Prison Ministry Retreat for active volunteers and new recruits is held. The three-day event provides inspiration, fellowship, and training.

NPUC Prison Ministry Advisory

This committee of Prison Ministry representatives from throughout the Pacific Northwest exists to develop a stronger network of prison ministry volunteers. One goal of this group is to develop a means to track inmates who are active with Adventist Prison Ministries and transferred to a new facility.

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