The Media department produces video content for Washington Conference. Content includes, Beyond the Walls, live-streams of Camp Meeting, and other conference-wide events.


  • Beyond the Walls is a six-episode docu-series that delves into the spiritual journeys of everyday individuals. It highlights the personal efforts of these individuals to positively impact their communities, while growing in their spiritual journey. Through intimate stories and narratives, the series showcases how faith and action intertwine in the daily lives of its subjects, reminding viewers of the vast spiritual landscape beyond church walls.


  • Media Lab is an immersive learning experience that explores the dynamic interplay between media and its impact on our lives and ministries. Through a thoughtfully curated series of sessions, we delve into the evolution of media across generations, examining its role in shaping communication and outreach strategies. This unique opportunity equips participants, including Pastors, Elders, and Media volunteers, with invaluable insights to enhance their ministry's digital presence and effectively connect with audiences. Don't miss out on this enlightening journey!