Regional Ministries

Regional Ministries helps regional black churches grow spiritually, numerically and financially to experience revival and life-changing transformation.

The Office of Regional Ministry coordinates, develops, and sustains a high level of:

  • Unity among pastors and laity
  • Representation and participation by black pastors, laity, churches, and constituency in the overall ministry of the conference
  • Connection within the church, community, and with faith-based organizations

Primary Focus

EuGene Lewis has the privilege of serving as coordinator of Regional Ministries for Washington Conference and works alongside of our African American pastors and churches.

Pastor Lewis says his responsibilities are four-fold:

1) Evangelism

Work closely with African American pastors and congregations in the planning and budgeting of evangelistic activities.

It is in doing Christ’s work that the church has the promise of His presence…The very life of the church depends upon her faithfulness in fulfilling the Lord’s commission.

Ellen White in Desire of Ages, p. 825

2) Collaboration

Serve as a conduit—motivate our African American pastors, laity, churches, and constituency to participate in the overall vision of the conference, so as to creatively and substantively contribute to the overall planning and implementation of comprehensive strategies and programs designed to grow individuals, families, churches, schools and institutions in the Washington Conference.

3) Personnel

Assist administration in the process of locating personnel by maintaining resumes and lists of potential employers, and selection and introduction of new pastoral leadership.

4) Liaison

Serving as a liaison between the conference administration and the African American community. Sometimes prophet, speaking on behalf of the conference-its policies and procedures to the people, and sometimes priest, speaking on behalf of the people—their practical needs and concerns to the conference.

Join a Regional Church this Sabbath!


Breath of Life SDA Church
9807 26th Ave. SW

Seattle, WA 98106

Tel: 206.762.0333


Emerald City Community SDA Church
801 25th St.

Seattle, WA 98122

Tel: 206.322.0717


Lighthouse Christian Fellowship
2441 NE 125th St.

Seattle, WA 98125

Tel: 425.643.9187


Maranatha Adventist Church
7132 43rd Ave. S

Seattle, WA 98118

Tel: 206.722.2743

Mount Tahoma SDA Church
615 N Sprague Ave.

Tacoma, WA 98403

Tel: 253.572.6470


Open Bible Fellowship SDA Company
8421 Meadow Rd. SW

Lakewood, WA 98499 (at Trinity Baptist Church)

Tel: 253.538.8300


Seattle Ethiopian SDA Company
1300 E. Aloha St.

Seattle, WA 98102

Tel: 206.551.5394

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