These moments in your life will stretch you and your team in the best way possible! Check out these tips and resources below that will get you going in the right direction! Know we as a conference are praying for you on this journey and are here to support you in any way. Just call.



1) Pray

  • Spiritual preparation is key. You want your VBS bathed in the Holy Spirit.
  • Talk with God about your ideas, ask Him how to make the curriculum fit your church/resources. Get God's input!

2) Pick Your Curriculum

Challenge yourself to think outside the box about your theme by visiting different websites and resources,, Pinterest, Facebook, just to mention a few. Learn new ways to make your VBS more enthusiastic and attractive to the community as well as the church members! Maybe you have a park nearby that would be perfect for reaching the community children and families. Think about it! What will set your VBS apart as the one to go to?

 3) Protect



  • Hold up, hold up, friend!

I know you're pumped to share Jesus with the littles, but please STOP-COLLABORATE-and...





  • This is often an overlooked step, but:

It is your DUTY to make this step a priority to protect all kids, all programs, and all church outreach.

YOU ARE NOT AN ISLAND - what happens at your children's program can affect the ministry of every church in this conference.

Someone Very Wise (you should totally connect with her at the link below)
  • If you, your volunteers, and your church are not willing to make the effort to do this important screening/training, you should, well...quit it and just do it!
  • Contact Joyce Moore, the Washington conference Background Screening Director, to help you through this important and necessary process by CLICKING THE LINK BELOW:

Background Screening

4) Promote

Promote, promote, promote! Build up the anticipation! “Hello folks! We have 4 months until the best event ever is happening at our church!” Then one month before your final date send out personal invitations use your database from last year to send emails...create a QR CODE to register. Parents appreciate if you can make it easier for them.

Generate A Free QR Code Here

5) Partner

  • Pray for volunteers. You and God pick your team.
  • Choose your team wisely--general bulletin announcement is okay, but you want to make sure your volunteers are "kid friendly." Make connections. Form relationships.
  • Be specific. Ask with finesse:
    • Saying this is okay: Hey __________, would you be willing to help with VBS this year?
    • Saying this is better: Hi __________, I'm looking for someone to lead out in the Games session of VBS. When I was thinking of who would do the best job for this session, I thought of you because you are very energetic and outgoing and could really make those games fun for the kids. VBS is scheduled for June 26-30 from 5:30-7:00pm/. The games are already planned out in the curriculum and you would basically be in charge of 20 minutes of content, which you would repeat 3 times as each group of kids cycles through your section. There will probably be about 15-20 kids in each group lead by a responsible team leader who helps move the kids to each session.  I will plan to have other volunteers to assist you or you could recruit your own as you see fit. The VBS play book also has supply lists for each game--much of it we already have at the church--and I will give you a budget so you can just purchase what you need on your own. VBS is such a huge blessing to our kids and is a major opportunity to point them toward Jesus. Would you be willing to serve out kids and lead out in VBS games this year?
  • AGAIN Please, Please, Please, don't forget to background screen all your volunteers!

Background Screening

6) Prep

  • Lead and Train. Don't micro-manage.
    • Give your rotation leader their playbook and their budget.
    • Empowering your leaders will grow them.
  • Establish your first meeting.
    • Prepare. Be organized.
  • Plan to attend conference training. Connect with Jen for resources, information, and to bounce off ideas.
    • 253.681.6008 ext. 76124
  • Pray for and be a cheerleader for your team. Have Fun!!

7) Proceed

  • Let's do this! Go see what MIGHTY thing God will do, Boss!

8) Praise

  • Celebrate your team's success--give high-fives, eat something tasty, share stories of those Mighty things God did and bask together in His glory!
    • PS: Compile your interest list with notes, review what worked and what didn't, regroup for the next children's ministry event!

*Quotes are from --> Let's Begin VBS


Check out these leadership resources!


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