Here is where you share how God blessed your ministry!

Reporting is an essential part of ministry because it helps to give us data on how our ministries are doing, what's going well, how we can improve, what needs to be better funded, etc.




  • Click on the link "BRAG ON GOD" below. This will take you to the NAD children's ministry reporting page.

  • Set up a profile, if you haven't already.

  • Sign in.

  • If you are reporting on your VBS, click VBS. If you are reporting on your whole year, click YEAR-END

    • TIPS:
      • The best time to report your VBS is right after you do it while everything is fresh!
      • The Year-End Reporting deadline for the prior year is March 1. For example, March 1, 2025 is the deadline to report on all the ministry that took place in 2024.
  • Follow the prompts to complete and submit your report.

  • Have any questions about the report process or need help? please email Gerry Lopez and he'll walk you through it: 

    • You can also connect with me at




Thanks for taking the time to report on your VBS and ministry year!