By Doug Bing, Washington Conference president


In 1910 there was a baby girl born named Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu in the country of Albania. She was a religious young lady and at the age of 17 committed her life to serving God.

In her particular faith, she took this commitment all the way to becoming a nun. It was during her commitment to being a nun that she took on the name Therese De Lisieux. She would famously become known as Mother Teresa.

There is a famous story that happened shortly after she had taken her vows. She approached her superiors and told that she had a dream she felt from God to build an orphanage. She also shared that all she had were three pennies to her name.

Being rather practical and not wanting her to be discouraged, her superiors told her she could not do anything with three pennies.

Mother Teresa however was not deterred in her dream. She replied, “I know. But with God and my three pennies I can do anything.”

As you know she went on to devote her life to service in some of the poorest slums in India and in the world. She took her three pennies and gave them and herself to God and amazing things happened and continue to happen from that simply beginning.

While we don’t have the same faith tradition and understanding of theology, there is no denying that she understood the commands of Jesus to love. Period.

Jesus taught about how the good Samaritan helped the man who would not have helped him in times of need. He not only helped him but went above and beyond.

Jesus pointed out the widow who quickly came to give her tiny offering and tried to slip away unnoticed. Instead Jesus stated that she gave more than anyone else. Why? Because she gave all that she had. In fact the Bible says she gave her whole livelihood.

It wasn’t and isn’t about the amount of money large or small. It is the willingness to commit our livelihood to the service of God.

When we give of our meager selves God can do amazing things in the places that he sends us.

So what are you going to do with your three pennies? Let us all place them and ourselves in the hands of God and let Him lead us where He wants us to go and to serve.