By Doug Bing, Washington Conference president


Did your parents have a special whistle or call for you? You know the type of whistle that if you heard it in a crowded room or space that you knew your father was calling for you.

Some parents I have known have a special call or sound that they make when they are wanting to get their children’s attention in a crowd. Some are gentle soft whistles or calls that even though soft are distinctive and the children hear and know that mom or dad want their attention. Some are loud and shrill – whatever it takes to get the child’s attention.

Did you know that God whistles as well?

Isaiah 5:26 states

He will lift up a banner to the nations from afar, And will whistle to them from the end of the earth; Surely they will come with speed, swiftly.

This verse is in the context of a warning to the children of Israel that were not following God. God was telling them that he was going to whistle to get the attention of all his children from all parts of the earth. He was telling them that he loved the human race and that he was going to have a special whistle that would call them to come. It may be a soft or a shrill whistle, but it would be a distinctive sound that would be recognized by those who are paying attention.

As Christians we have long stated that God is calling the world to a full and complete knowledge of Jesus and His love for the human family.

That whistle is still going out and we have that same warning that even though we may have church membership that we still need to know that God is whistling for all humankind to come and learn of him.

As Christians we can also help spread the whistle of God to those in our circle.

In fact, the highest form of Christianity is found in those that share Jesus in their circle. In Sketches from the Life of Paul, Ellen White talks about the fact that Paul as he was working as a tent maker was also sharing the gospel with them.

While thus preaching and working, he presented the highest type of Christianity.

Ellen White, Sketches from the Life of Paul, page 101

Paul was amplifying God’s whistle. He was sharing the gospel in the workplace and making the call of God real by showing what real Christianity looks like.

Is God whistling for you to come and learn of him today? Is God’s whistle penetrating the noise of the world around you and saying come? Maybe God is asking you in your workplace to amplify His whistle to the people all around you?

However you are hearing God’s whistle, please be listening and responding to the call of that distinctive whistle.