By Doug Bing, Washington Conference president

Every year on Mother’s Day there are literally 1000s of flowers purchased and given to moms to honor her on her special day.

From fresh flower arrangements, potted flowers or plants, or planting flowers in mom’s garden, it’s the most popular Mother’s Day gift nationwide. However, in a survey of mothers who were asked what they really wanted for Mother’s Day, flowers were not even in the top ten. The top two things on the list were time alone and time with their children. Other items on the list were handwritten notes, going out to eat, a clean house, and a home cooked meal.

There is no doubt that we owe a big thanks to our mothers.

They have given us life. They have taught us about life. They have nurtured us through skinned knees, broken hearts, grade school struggles, and many other challenges in life. They have rejoiced with us as we took our first steps, coached us as we formed our first words, giggled with us when we belly laughed for the first time, and laughed with us as we experienced a playground for the first time.

One of my significant memories of my own mother was her sitting on my bed while I knelt to pray.

She carefully taught me to pray by quietly saying the words while I repeated them after her. This happened each evening until I caught the idea of prayer. Then she would just sit quietly on the bed while I formed my own prayers. It was a very important part of my own childhood.

Thanks Mom.

Thanks Mom, for teaching me to pray. Thanks Mom, for teaching me about the almighty God. There were times in my years at home that I didn’t really like being taken to church for every single thing. If there was a work bee, we went. If there were evangelism meetings, we went. It even seemed like if you were, sick it wasn’t enough to stay home. Yet looking back on those days I truly appreciate the near constant exposure to the spiritual elements that were happening all the time.

Proverbs 31:28 speaks of children that rise up and call their mothers blessed.

This week as you reflect on your mother and remember her influence in your life, I pray that your experience was a positive one and that you can take a moment and tell her “Thanks Mom.” If your mother is still living, go ahead and buy those flowers, but more importantly spend some time with her. If your mother is sleeping in Jesus, you can still remember and reflect and then say thank you to another who may need words of affirmation on their journey of motherhood.