By Doug Bing, Washington Conference president


There are some things in life that we really like to observe. One thing I enjoy observing is the pileated woodpecker that comes by my bird feeders at home. The colors and the mannerisms of the woodpecker as well as all the other birds are just fun to watch and observe.

There’s no doubt that there are things that you also like to observe and study as well. In today’s 28 for 1,000 Bible reading of Acts 14 I read an interesting text about observation. Acts 14:9,10 (NKJV) “This man heard Paul speaking, Paul observing him intently and seeing that he had faith to be healed, said with a loud voice, Stand up straight on your feet! And he leaped and walked.”

What a great story of a Christian who was observant of those around them! This man according to the Bible had never walked. He had been crippled from birth. Somehow, he found himself around Paul when he was speaking. Paul was watching and realized through careful Holy Spirit inspired observation that the man wanted to be healed and that he had the faith to be healed. Without hesitation Paul acted on the observation and the man was healed that very day.

There are several things that we can be reminded of today. Paul knew what it was like to have been healed. He had been blinded in his encounter with Jesus on the highway to Damascus and was healed a few days later by his faith in Jesus. More importantly he was healed of his sinful past and ways. Each one of us when we encounter Jesus are being healed from the sin that ensnares us. We as Christians have experienced the healing that comes when we are forgiven and experience assurance of salvation in Christ.

The second thing we can learn is to be observant of those around us that are watching and listening to us. As we prayerfully observe them we will also be led by the Holy Spirit to know when those around us that we know or even ones that we don’t know are open to hearing the healing words of Jesus.

Let us all commit to being observant of those God places in our path each day so that we will be ready to act immediately to share the healing words of Jesus. As we do this we will easily see 1,000 baptisms or Bible studies any given week happening around Washington Conference. Most importantly we will see people believing in the saving and healing words of Jesus and they too will leap up and walk on their own assurance of Jesus in their lives.