By Doug Bing, Washington Conference president


Let’s talk politics!!

A small group of friends were recently in the Seattle area and came together for a meal. This group of friends come from different parts of the continent, represent different professions and life experiences, and as we talked we realized that we are quite diverse in political beliefs and practices.

Do you know what was the wonderful part? Our different political opinions did not change our friendship, our views of each other or our treatment of each other. We were gathered as a group of Christian friends, united by Jesus’ grace. It was a pleasant meal with lots of laughter and conversation. Everyone’s opinion was heard and respected and, unlike some social media exchanges, no names were called.

Long before social media squabbles and name calling on cable news networks, Adventist church co-founder Ellen White wrote about politics in the year 1898. She said:

The Church should avoid the prejudice that rises like a flash when political subjects, which cross the opinions they have cherished, are introduced. National antipathies and sectarian feelings are not to be held by anyone. Those who stand under the banner of Christ are to stand under no other banner.

Manuscript 89. 1898

It is OK to have opinions on many different topics including politics. It is OK to vote accordingly. It is not OK to allow those political opinions to harm your walk with God, fellow Christians, and with all you come into contact.

We are all serving God and His flag that is planted firmly in our lives and that should be first and foremost in all our interactions even when we may be totally opposite in our opinions regarding any issues.

I Corinthians 1:13 asks a simple question: Is Christ divided? The answer is no. We are all part of the Christian body. Let’s wave that flag more than any other.