By Doug Bing, Washington Conference president


There are images that are seared into our minds of individuals who have made impacts on the world.

There is the famous picture of a single individual standing before a tank in Tiananmen Square in China as protest and cries for freedom echoed across the country. 

Recently there was another similar picture that come out from the Ukraine as a man stood in front of a tank to stop its forward progress into his country. 

There is the famous picture from Hacksaw Ridge of a Seventh-day Adventist medic Desmond Doss standing by his makeshift pulley system from which he had lowered many wounded soldiers to safety and treatment. 

There are many stories of those single individuals who in times of crisis stood up and did what they were called to do.

Two most famous scenes in earth’s history are of the cross where Jesus willingly laid down His life in a time of crisis for the world and gave it for the salvation of the world. 

The second scene is that of an empty tomb that said the victory is not only complete but that there is hope and assurance for a new life beginning now that last all through eternity.

But did you know that you can also be the one in the picture?

I love this quote from Sketches from the Life of Paul

That one Christian in the midst of unbelievers, may, in the providence of God, be like the piece of leaven 'hid in three measures of meal,' that is to do its work until the whole mass is leavened. A consistent Christian life will accomplish more good than could be accomplished by many sermons. Whatever the Christian's station, be it exalted or humble, he will manifest the power of true religion by the faithful performance of the duties of that station.

Ellen G. White

Each one of us can be that one faithful Christ-filled Christian that can accomplish the mission and task that Jesus has given into our hands.

We can all have that impact for Christ in the places He has placed us to call others to know and follow Jesus. 

Will you be just that one person letting Jesus work through you?