By Vivien Vasquez, Washington Conference administrative assistant


There's an infamous camp song that goes, “I like bananas, I think that mangoes are sweet, I like papayas, PAPAYAS! But nothing can beat that sweet love of God.” And then in Psalm 119:103 we have an instruction and command: “How sweet are Your words to my taste, Sweeter than honey to my mouth,” and it is our delight to keep them.

I was sitting in the work break room a couple months ago enjoying two sweet oranges. One of my friends, seeing I was devouring the oranges, asked me if they were good. My response made its way right through my orange-filled mouth as I said, “They are delicious and extremely sweet.”

Fruits are a big part of my diet having been born and raised in the tropical country of Ecuador. I know sweet when I taste it. I went on telling her where I got them, how much I paid for them, how much I’ve enjoyed them… In other words, I shared with my friend the wonders of my experience with those oranges. I even brought an orange to work to give to her, so she could also experience the goodness of the fruit.

The next day, it hit me! That still small voice that we recognize as the Holy Spirit asked me, “Do you love oranges more than you love Jesus?” Do I? See, when asked about the oranges, I was not afraid to give my testimony and beyond that I even  provided my friend with the very object that was making my life so much enjoyable.

My Jesus is much more enjoyable and sweeter than anything this world can offer, and His words are sweeter than honey. Why am I not sharing Gods word, without hesitance, with others around me? This troubled world needs some sweetness. This week, I encourage you to make Jesus an essential part of your life that you share with your family, friends, and neighbors and see how God sweetens your lives.