By Pastor Jennifer Woody, Monroe/North Creek district pastor


A lot of scary stuff has been happening lately and, quite frankly, it has kind of consumed our lives.

Last week was one of the most stressful weeks of my life. I would be curious to know how much time I logged on the phone and computer.

I was dealing with the cancellation, and resurrection, of my Belize Mission Trip. A member of mine at North Creek needed quadruple bypass surgery on his heart, only to be sent home because 11 nurses at the ICU had to stay home due to their children’s schools being closed and therefore no one being available to take care of him in ICU. His heart would have to wait. My oldest daughter’s school was closed and she is now home trying to do a week’s of homework via online which is not easy for parents, students or teachers. And finally, in order to feel safe about having church on Saturday, we had to come up with a plan to sanitize the church and to keep it sanitized. 

While all of these things were out of my control, I found myself trying to control them and getting highly frustrated in the process. At the end of last week, I was exhausted, worn out and discouraged.

And although the mission trip is back on, my member’s surgery was rescheduled for this week and the church and school are now sparkling clean—we still are not out of the woods. My trip could be canceled at any time depending on travel regulations and boarder closings, my member still has to have that scary surgery, and the virus is still on its rampage. 

As I was tucking my younger teenage daughter into bed we were talking about all the events that had happened and were happening, and she said,

Mom, if we trust God, why do we live and act like we don't?

Wow, all I could do was sit there and allow tears of conviction run down my face. Yeah, “Why do I say I trust God, when I live and act like I don’t?”

I will never forget that question, and I hope it haunts me for the rest of my life. Are we as Christians, Seventh-day Adventist Christians, living what we believe? Are we offering hope to a very scared world right now? Are we a source of calm and peace for those who are panicking? Would we gladly give someone else the toilet paper and hand sanitizer that we stood in line for to get first thing in the morning at our local Costco? [I haven’t done that yet :) ]

Do we serve a God of Power, or what? Do we serve the Mighty Creator, or not? Do we believe the verse in Psalms where it proclaims that God’s faithful promises are our armor and protection? (Psalms 91:4).

We are going to be ok! We may be inconvenienced, we may have some of our expectations dashed, and we may have to sacrifice—but we are going to be ok. Actually, more than ok, because we are in the hands of a mighty God who is more powerful than any highly contagious virus.

He is the Miracle Worker, Way Maker, Light in the Darkness, MY AWESOME GOD—that is who He is! Let’s fix our eyes on Jesus, church family—the author and finisher of our faith, the One who spoke this world into existence.

As you wash your hands, recite John 3:16-17, and allow His love to infect your heart, mind, body and soul.