By Doug Bing, Washington Conference president

Do you like your coworkers?

Maybe you have a mystery coworker who helps themselves to others’ lunches. I read about an individual who was always finding their lunch stolen and decided to take action. They made their lunch as normal but added a few extra ingredients; things like ghost peppers and a sprinkle or two of cayenne pepper. During lunch that day, the culprit became apparent while eating at their desk when they started to cough and spit as they found those extra ingredients.

They may have gone on to steal other lunches, but at least they didn’t steal that person’s anymore.

Most coworkers, however, are good people to work with and there is usually mutual respect between them. In the church, we are all coworkers with each other, working together to make the church a representative of Jesus on this earth. The Bible talks about different gifts we all have and how with Christ as the head we are all to work together in harmony.

I Corinthians 3:9 tells us of another coworker in our lives:

For we are God’s fellow workers. . .

Another version actually uses the word “coworkers.” Most of the time, we think we are to serve God—which is true—but we also are children of God. Isn’t it rather neat that God thinks of us as His fellow workers? His coworkers. We have God working alongside us in every aspect of life. God is not just a fellow worker when we are doing church work.

God looks at our entire lives as His work, and He is working alongside us in all aspects of life.

This week as you go about your life and your work, embrace the fact that you have the most amazing coworker in Jesus Christ, working alongside you to make this world a better place.