By Doug Bing, Washington Conference president


You are likely well familiar with the story of the four friends who brought their paralyzed friend to Jesus and lowered him through the roof to bypass the crowds.

It’s a story told in all four of the gospels. It’s interested that in all four accounts, the Bible doesn’t record any request for healing.

Jesus immediately saw the situation and uttered what I think were then and continue to be some of the best words ever uttered to mankind. 

...Son, be of good cheer, your sins are forgiven you.

Matthew 9:2

In my morning devotional time while reading this story, I was reminded of a song that we used to sing in Sabbath School: “In My Heart there Rings a Melody.”  The lyrics tell the story that reflects all our stories when it comes to our spiritual walk and growth with Jesus.

I have a song that Jesus gave me
It was sent from heaven above
There never a sweeter melody
Tis the melody of love.

Jesus was sent to give us this great assurance that Jesus forgives us and loves us.  The second verse shows the progression of our spiritual growth with Jesus and what the power of a love relationship with Jesus will do in our lives.

I love the Christ who died on Calvary
For He washed my sins away
He put within my heart a melody
And I know it's there to stay

As we see each day the love that Jesus has for us that melody stays in our heart and we grow in Christ.  Our walk with Jesus will become stronger and stronger. 

The final verse points to what all Christians long to see happen: Jesus coming again and will put all things back together again into a world without pain and suffering and sin.  And even in that heavenly world, we will sing the song of salvation that made it all possible.

Twill be my endless theme in glory
With the angels I will sing
Twill be a song with endless harmony
When the courts of heaven ring.

This year has been a year when many Christians and non-Christians alike have thought about what the end of the world.  There have been multiple articles written about that subject. 

I truly hope and pray that we all have this melody in our hearts that Jesus loves us, forgives us and is looking forward to seeing each of us in the kingdom of heaven. 


There will can sing this song together and the chorus will swell as praise to Jesus for all that He has done for each of us individually and for the world.

In my heart there rings a melody
there rings a melody
with heaven's harmony
In my heart there rings a melody
There rings a melody of love.