By Randy Maxwell, prayer ministries coordinator



That’s all I need to say. The Pandemic. The fires. The protests. The politics. The hurricanes. The “Murder Hornets.” It’s all a bit much. OK, a lot much! What are people of faith to do?

While the world panics and protests, let’s gather our families around the family altar and push back against the darkness with praise.

This year’s Alter the Altar project beginning October 1 is a 31-Day Praise Challenge for your family. For the entire month of October, let’s zip our lips against negativity and complaining, and open our mouths wide in praise of our great God. Each day you will reflect on a scripture of praise to pray and meditate on (see the Daily Bible Reading Plan and daily scripture images on Facebook and Instagram!)

When you gather the family at the altar for worship, each family member will share a praise starting with the words, “I praise Jesus because…” Additionally, all petitions will be presented in the form of a praise to God. Use your imagination and each day you will be adding another “stone” in your Altar of Praise.

On the final night of the challenge,  we will gather as a conference family and have a virtual family worship at 6:30pm. (You will find the broadcast on Washington Conference's Facebook and YouTube.)

Scripture tells us that God dwells in the praises of His people (see Psalm 22:3).

God manifests His personal praises in a unique way in response to praise. We need God’s presence in this crazy year of 2020 as never before. Therefore, we need to praise Him as never before. Let’s alter the Altar and give Him glory!

My prayer ministry friend, Karen Martel, serves as the Pacific Union prayer coordinator. She's given me permission to share with you the following 10 ways to practice praise.

10 Ways to Practice Praise

  1. Pray God’s names and you will learn about His character. Write your prayers.

  2. Write your own Psalms.

  3. Use Psalms to help you pray when words do not come. Read them out loud and personalize them. Start with Psalms 103, 145 and 150

  4. Make an effort to develop a positive attitude and an attitude of gratitude. It is considered a spiritual discipline.

  5. Journal the good that comes as a result of negative circumstances in your life.

  6. When you worship with others or in your family, share what you are grateful for or what God is doing in your life. Do it on a weekly basis.

  7. Let your family, friends and associates know the reasons that you appreciate them on a regular basis.

  8. Sing songs of praise and hymns. Do this not only as you worship but throughout the day.

  9. Write a special promise that reflects how God feels about you from scripture on a 3x5 notecard and put it on your bathroom mirror. Memorize it and thank God for it every day.

  10. Remember God is your creator - walk in nature and thank Him for who He is and how He is continually at work in your life, doing new things every day.

Let's praise the Lord together!