Your Tithe Dollar Explained


The Bible explains tithe as 10 percent of your increase. Tithe comes to the "storehouse" to be distributed for ministry. How does tithe benefit your local church?

Let's say you attend a 375 member church, and your church returns $558,627 in tithe each year. Where does this 2.83% of Washington Conference gross tithe go?




Tithe Example Breakdown

  • North American Division & General Conference receive $89,380 
  • North Pacific Union Conference receives $50, 276
  • Small Conference Assistance Fund receives $4,748
  • Retired Church Workers receives $62,007
  • Walla Walla & Oakwood University receive $16,758
  • Washington Conference receives $335,458

But wait...where is the local church in this picture?


Local Church Benefit




In this example, Washington Conference retains $335,458 in tithe from the 375 member example church. This is how the local church with 375 members benefits.

  • Pastoral Support receives $135,525.03
  • Education Funding receives $67,762.52
  • Evangelism Funding receives $3,354.57
  • Children's and Youth Ministries receive $6,709.16
  • Various Ministry Funding receives $27,172.10
  • Retirement Funding receives $50,989.62
  • Support Services receives $43,945.00


Benefits Applied

  • Pastoral Coverage--up to $100K for local pastor salary & benefits (*plus funding support for smaller churches whose tithe base cannot afford a full or part time pastor)
  • Education Subsidies
  • Evangelism Funds--up to and sometimes exceeding 70% of meeting cost
  • Sunset Lake Camp Subsidies--funding for children to attend summer camp at reduced rates
  • Camp Meeting
  • Regional Events for Men, Women, & Families
  • Pathfinder/Adventurer Club support and activities
  • Youth & Young Adult Ministry coordination, training, and events
  • Community Service coordination & events
  • Gleaner & Adventist World magazine subscriptions
  • Member Access to Trust Services & Planned Giving Assistance for free

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What's the Difference between Tithe and Offering?

The Bible explains Tithe as 10% of your increase. Tithe comes to the "storehouse" to be distributed for ministry.

Offerings are in addition to tithe. This is a freewill expression of your gratefulness to God, how He is providing in your life, and how you in turn wish to bless others.

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