Congratulations, you got the job! It's time to start the process and get the paperwork rolling.

Getting Started

Local Staff Employment Checklist

We know there's a lot of forms to fill out. Keep track of the documents you've completed with our Employment Checklist!


Interested in one of our job opportunities? Let us know by sending in an application!


By state and law, we are required to have background checks done. But furthermore, help us protect our youth and employees.

Financial Forms

The W-4 form is used for tax purposes. Get started now!


Make it easy and get your check deposited straight to your account!

Government Forms

Wondering how to fill out an I-9? Check out our guide on what the I-9 is all about and how to fill it out!


Need to fill out an I-9 for employment? We've got it for you!

Health, Insurance, & Retirement

Guide to your basic benefits!


Sing up for healthcare with us!


Fill out this form to provide protection for your loved ones if something happens to you.


Fill out this form yearly to continue healthcare coverage for your spouse and children.


Find out the changes in your Adventist retirement plan!

General Forms

Tell us which email to send your payroll slip to!

Fill out this basic information form to tell us and your employer more about you!


This is a voluntary form to learn more about you!


This form outlines our conflict of interest policy and your agreement to it.