This form if for departmental and field employees to fill out to request vacation days.

Employees are granted vacation time for the purpose of enhancing their health and efficiency.

Neglecting to take vacation harms both the employee and the work of the Conference. Because of this, the Conference will only allow eligible employees to accrue vacation from year to year up to pre-determined maximum amounts.

A request for vacation must be made in advance except in an emergency when it is not known beforehand by the employee that leave will be needed. An absence under such circumstances should be reported immediately to the employee’s supervisor. Vacation used must be reported on the employee’s time sheet for record keeping, payment, and processing.

Full-time employees receive two (2) weeks vacation after one (1) full year of service, three (3) weeks vacation after five (5) years of service, and four (4) weeks vacation after nine (9) years. Your accrued vacation can be found at the bottom left hand corner of your most recent pay stub.

Vacation request questions? Email Abishai Kenneth Aiolupotea, HR director, or call 253.681.6008.

Vacation Request Form

Next Steps

- Inform your supervisor of your vacation dates - Pastors, arrange for a guest speaker - Enjoy your vacation