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About Just Us

Just Us, a brand new podcast from Washington Conference is launching on August 15 with episode 00 about how the panel became involved in racial reconciliation!
This monthly podcast will be available for listening on major podcast services as well as a video broadcast on social media.

"Our goal with the Just Us podcast is to talk about racial reconciliation, justice, and equity from a Christian perspective," says Bill Roberts. "When we listen to other people's stories, it creates empathy and understanding. We want to see a better world and a better community. Second Corinthians 7:2 gives counsel to "make room in your heart," and that is what we desire to do through this podcast. We may not always agree with each other, but we want to respect each other and move forward with understanding to bring glory to God and to help this world be a better place."

In the pilot episode of the “Just Us” podcast, the panel is introduced and their stories are told. The panel shares how the issue of the need for racial reconciliation became part of their lives and what motivates their passion for this subject. They share what they believe to be at stake for our country and for people of faith and what gives them hope.

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