Pastors are often described in scripture as shepherds and what better place to find a blueprint for effective pastoral shepherding than Psalm 23!


Green Pastures [Personal Growth]

Connected shepherds begin with "green pasture time" in personal Bible study and prayer.

Bible Study

Personal Development


Right Paths [Bible Preaching]

Instructive shepherds show their flock how the Bible applies to today's life situations.


Dark Valleys [Counseling]

Compassionate shepherds nurture and protect their members through life's dark valleys.

  • Anointing
  • Counseling


Fear No Evil [Prayer]

Competent shepherds teach their flock about intercessory prayer and inviting the Holy Spirit into the life and ministry of the flock.


Prepare a Table [Discipleship]

Attentive shepherds grow their flock through evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, and leadership.

  • Evangelism Resources
  • Discipleship Resources
  • Elder Resources
  • Pastor District Groups
  • Mates'n'Ministry

Church Growth


Church Life [Resources]


Connect with the Ministerial Department

Our mission objective is to assist our churches in the process of providing the best spiritual leadership possible. This involves both professional and personal support for the pastor and their family. Our secondary focus is the support and training of the elders who serve as spiritual leaders of the congregations that comprise our conference.

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