Totally Involved



Totally Involved for Jesus

The Great Commission of Matthew 28 gives us purpose for sharing the gospel in preparation for the soon returning King of Heaven. 

Jesus invites us to:

  1. Go into our world and our spheres of influence. Your personal involvement is important as you follow God's leading.
  2. Form relationships with people in a meaningful, multi-faceted approach of friendship, discipleship, and evangelism.
  3. Baptize to confirm the new believer's growth and commitment.
  4. Teach about a deeper life of faith that impacts everything we do.

You are a Minister

No matter your profession, as a believer you are a minister for God. This means God calls you to be the best mechanic, teacher, engineer, medical provider, businessperson, chef, social worker, musician, designer, or whatever your profession may be.

No matter your age, as a believer you are a minister for God. Every age can share their doesn't matter if you are 8 or 48 or 88. 

And yes....

No matter your gender, God calls men and women to be faithful ministers. We acknowledge there are different viewpoints in the Adventist church about the credentials of leaders. This truth remains: we all, men and women alike, are in need of a loving, grace-giving Savior who offers us an everlasting robe of righteousness.

We invite you to pray, study the Bible, and listen to the Holy Spirit's prompting. What is God prompting you to do for Him?

Four Types of Resources

We offer four key types of resources for ministry leaders: Pastors, Educators, Members & Volunteers. Please click to explore these sections.





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