Background screening


Realizing safety and security is a top priority. The Washington Conference is partnering with a comprehensive and cost effective web-based tracking system (Verified Volunteers) in order to provide volunteer, employee, and community protection at the local, regional, and national levels. They provide criminal background checks that look for “red flags” such as drug felonies, domestic violence, child abuse, driving records, and sex offender crimes of not only volunteers, but the employees too.

By screening out potential “bad hires” with background checks, we reduce liability while ensuring the safety of our members and communities served.

This information has been updated as of:

November 30, 2017


ALL VOLUNTEERS who work with children on a regular basis in our CHURCHES MINISTRIES and SCHOOLS.


Our Commitment:

Our ministry is to protect your ministry, thus protecting children! The Washington Conference is committed to assisting churches and schools in providing a safe environment for children.



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Human Resources handles employment opportunities and openings for support staff, employee service records, and background screening for volunteers and employees. Human Resources also manages and updates the conference policy manual.