The Whole Life Health Seminar

September 15: Health Coach Partner Training


Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash

For every 10 people you see worldwide, 9.5 have health problems and are in need of help.


What if you could do something to heal them? What if you could help without having a medical degree? What if in helping them, you could bring them to Jesus?

Meet Josh Vasquez. For the last five years, God has put a burden on his heart to heal through simple means that heal the entire person. He’s talking about things like encouraging someone to drink more water, walking with them once a week, taking them to the store and showing them how to choose produce and read food labels, showing them how to cook delicious meals in their own home—simply being a friend.

“By building real relationships with people and meeting their felt needs, we have built friendships that will last through eternity,” Vasquez says. “As a result, people have made decisions for Christ because they found healing and wholeness in Him. Not only that, but we have seen entire churches that use this method in their outreach spring to life.”

Through much prayer and lessons learned from experience, Vasquez created a kit of resources to make it possible for every member, no matter what their level of knowledge and experience, to do the work Christ did. Becoming a Health Partner gives you a simple and straightforward way to connect with people on a personal level and minister to their needs.

Working alongside the Great Healer, you can lift burdens and set captives free physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You, yes, you, can spread the third angel’s message and help others experience The Whole Life.

Join Josh Vasquez on September 15 from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm in the Washington Conference Auditorium in Federal Way to learn how you can be a Health Coach Partner to share “The Whole Life.”

Training Schedule

  • What is the Need?
  • A Necessary Work
  • Lunch & Walk
  • Christ's Method
  • Fundamentals of Health Partnering
  • Practicum
  • Q&A

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Lunch provided. Donations accepted for lunch.

You may pre-order your Health Partner Kit for $175 with payment due at the training!