Convocations 2022

Washington Conference is bringing the camp meeting experience to you in 2022
at area convocations!


Explore the plans! Find answers to your questions!

Area Convocation Schedule

  • August 26-28 - Young Adult Convocation at Sunset Lake Camp
  • September 2-3 - South Sound Convocation at Sunset Lake Camp
  • September 9-10 - Peninsula Convocation at Location TBA
  • September 16-17 - North Peninsula Convocation at Location TBA
  • October 22 - Northwest Convocation at Location TBA
  • Still to finalize - Southwest Convocation at Location TBA
  • Still to finalize - Hispanic Convocation

Why Camp Meeting?

Traditional camp meeting at Auburn Adventist Academy is a much loved tradition. This is a sacred time when families from western Washington and beyond gather to learn, grow, nurture friendships, eat summertime foods, and enhance their relationship with Jesus Christ through workshops, keynote presentations, and age-based programs.

The pandemic changed how we normally meet for camp meeting. The first year, Washington Conference offered a virtual week of prayer for our camp meeting experience. The second year, Washington Conference offered a hybrid model of camp meeting with a broadcast to watch party locations at local churches.

For this third year, Washington Conference is venturing back into larger gatherings by offering area convocations. Our team is praying and anticipating offering traditional camp meeting again in the future.

The pastoral team around each convocation area along with the conference team will be planning programs for kids, teens and adults.

Why the Switch

The big question - why not have camp meeting in Auburn?

Here's the bottom line: Traditional camp meeting is held on a school campus. School facilities have different pandemic safety protocols than church and community facilities. Our public health friends tell us that school safety protocols apply year-around.

Whatever your viewpoint on the pandemic, you likely wouldn't like the rules and regulations for keeping everyone safe on a school campus.

Having smaller gatherings in multiple non-school facilities allows us to offer a camp meeting experience to more people in more places with easier guidelines for convening.

What's a Convocation?

A convocation is generally defined as a large gathering of people. It's a special occasion. A time to be together. Think of a convocation like a mini-camp meeting experience with 100s of people instead of 1000s of people.

Each of our convocation locations will have its own planning team, so the look and feel of each gathering will likely be different. Each convocation team can also pick their own speakers. The Peninsula and North Peninsula convocations, for example, have already invited Dr. David Smith, retired president from Southern Adventist University and a master Bible storyteller, to be their featured speaker.

In general, the convocation programming is likely to include a Sabbath School time, church service, luncheon, afternoon program(s), picnic supper, evening program, and an afterglow experience where you can visit with friends. Some convocation locations may elect to have a Friday night vespers or a Sunday family day. Washington Conference will publish specific details as they are available.

Why August, September and October?

For years in survey responses, you've asked for different times of year for camp meeting gatherings. So, we're trying it out this year! Plus, the hope and prayer is that the pandemic concerns will be significantly less later in the summer and fall.

Will Traditional Camp Meeting Come Back?

We sure hope so! Will you join us in praying for the health, healing, and wholeness of our world? One of the best ways for you to encourage the return of traditional camp meeting: showing up to attend one or more of the area convocations!

What about Site Reservations in Auburn?

If you have a pre-pandemic camp site reservation, you will soon be contacted by Candace Faletogo. You can continue rolling over your camp site reservation or request a refund.

You likely have more questions.

Ask away! Answers will be added here over time.

Updated 1/19/2022