Camp Meeting Archive

Listen again to sermons by Lee Venden, Ty Gibson and John Bradshaw as presented at Washington's Hybrid Camp Meeting in 2021!

The Story of JD - Lee Venden (1 of 3)

JD was far from ordinary in heaven's eyes


The Walk to Gethsemane - Lee Venden (2 of 3)

Jesus walked down from heaven to show us a better way


Descending into Greatness - Lee Venden (3 of 3)

Your value is demonstrated by Christ's gift on Calvary

Before You Walk, You Gotta Stand - Ty Gibson (1 of 5)

Galatians 5:1-6, 16

Freedom from sin is not something we achieve, but rather receive. According to the gospel, we are already liberated in Christ. All we need to do is stand in that liberty in order to experience its power to walk forward into a future of righteousness by faith that works by love. 


Doing the Moon Walk - Ty Gibson (2 of 5)

Ephesians 2:8-10    

We are called to walk backward and forward at the same time. All the good works of our future actions have already been achieved for us by the past historic actions of Christ. We add nothing to the finished work of Jesus. Rather, we live into what He’s already done for us. We stand in His past accomplishments in order to walk into a new future.


Nobody Walks Alone - Ty Gibson (3 of 5)

Ephesians 4:1; 5:1-2

The Christian experience is not a solo venture. We are saved together, as a community, or not at all. Our vertical love relationship with God necessarily results in horizontal relationships of love with one another. Everyone who enters heaven will do so as a member of the body of Christ, not because there is salvation in any denomination, but because salvation inevitably entails living out the God’s love in community.  


Don't Walk to the Right or to the Left - Ty Gibson (4 of 5)

Isaiah 30:21 and Micah 6:8  

 Conservative and liberal extremists united to crucify Christ, because they had one vital thing in common: they hated one another. So they channeled their hatred toward Christ in order to preserve their mutually beneficial system of political power and religious bigotry. Walking with Christ means walking away from all hostility toward our fellow human beings, even when we differ with them.

Walking to Zion Unarmed - Ty Gibson (5 of 5)

Isaiah 2:1-5

We live in a world defined by violence, much of it committed in the name of God and supposedly for the greater good. The myth of redemptive violence lies at the foundation of all the evil that haunts our hurting world. Those who walk in the light of the Lord will lay down their arms and pursue the way of peace, which is the way of enemy-love.


Faith is a Marathon - John Bradshaw (1 of 3)

Faith isn't a sprint. It's a marathon. For the Christian, the goal is to be with Jesus in heaven. When you walk with Jesus (the process), you will grow in your goal to be with Jesus.


Onward, Forward, Upward - John Bradshaw (2 of 3)

We're all destined for the cemetery, but then what? Jesus takes us onward, forward and upward!


Stories from the Journey - John Bradshaw (3 of 3)

The stories and examples in the journey of life showcase that we are getting closer to heaven.