Day 5 - Sleep

by Pam Scott, Associate Treasurer/Risk Manager


When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.

Prov. 3:24

Sleeping is my superpower. At least it was.


Storms could be blowing down the trees; fireworks could be exploding in the air. People could be getting up in the middle of the night. I slept right through it. Afraid is not a word that has dominated my life.

Be still and know that I am God. Mornings. So sweet.


After a good night’s sleep, morning was the perfect time of day. Listen to the birds singing, read my devotional, have a bowl of fresh summer peaches, and write. My best creativity is in the morning. At least it was.

And then my husband died (and it has been three and a half years now.)


It has been difficult to get that stillness back. The stillness must be filled; with anything. To be still leaves me exposed to emotions.

I remember the still; I long for the still, but the still is hard to sit with.

I fill that time in the morning. I complete my wellness app; I do my Duolingo language sessions, I do Wordle, I check Facebook, but I am not still. The still is no longer natural and automatic. I must choose the still.

When I sit with God with intentionality, I feel God.


At night when I cannot sleep, I pray: “Jesus, sleep with me.” I imagine His arms around me, and I sleep. It requires intentionality. If not, I lay there awake, with worry on my mind. Worry is fear. Fear is not a space we are summoned to by God.

God invites us into the still, into that space with Him. You will not be afraid; your mornings will be delightful, and your sleep will be sweet.


Designate a Bible story reader in your family worship circle. Choose a Bible story - perhaps creation, birth of Jesus, calling of Samuel, Jesus calming the storm, or another Bible story of your choosing.

The rest of the family needs to close their eyes to focus on listening to the Bible story and paying attention to the details of the story.

Share with each other what new details, insights, or reflections you have on the story by focusing on your listening senses.


Lord, be with us in the quiet and the chaos of life. Bring Your peace at all times. We desire Your presence in our lives, to live without fear, to be in tune with You. We accept Your invitation to come into the still, into the space You've created for us. Keep showing us, God, in Your way. Transform our hearts and minds, even the very cells of our body, to be still in You. Show us Your truth. Amen.