Day 30 - Last

By John Kurlinski, Bremerton pastor

Sometimes, more is communicated with less. Some things are even better left unsaid.


Jesus didn’t need to repeat Himself, in fact He didn’t need to say anything.

Peter had just denied the Lord for the third time when the rooster crowed. Luke then says, “the Lord turned and looked at Peter. Peter remembered the word of the Lord…” Luke 23:61.

One look of love, a huge lump in the throat, no more boasts or brave words. Peter wept bitterly. But the silence of guilty conviction will not be able to compare with the silence of awe.

Isaiah speaks of the kings of the nations who will be amazed into silence because of the salvation of God through His Servant. (See Isaiah 54:15). The kings are stunned. Why? Verse 14 says it is because of Him, His disfigurement that He was willing to suffer.

When no one was found worthy to open the sealed scroll, John wept bitterly. The angel commanded him to stop weeping because the “lion of the tribe of Judah” has overcome and is worthy. John turns and sees the slaughtered Lamb.

Radical self-giving, even unto death, death on a cross is counter-intuitive to how we might approach the problem of sin and evil.

But when it is all over, the Lamb will open the seventh seal and there “will be silence in heaven about a half an hour,” Revelation 8:1.

All the redeemed, even the angels around the throne, are silent.


While many think the silence is emptiness, perhaps it is better seen as mouths wide open, people stunned at the awesome display of the saving love of God in Christ Jesus.

Worthy is the Lamb that was slaughtered to receive power, wealth, wisdom, might, honor, glory, and blessing! Revelation 5:11.

The gift of awed, overwhelmed silence says it all!

Sometimes words are not enough, stillness says it all. We will be still and know that Jesus is Lord, Jesus is God.


Activity Prompt

Listen to your favorite uplifting Christian music - or even create a playlist! While the music (or a sermon) is playing, choose a quiet activity such as writing, drawing, crafting, letter writing, assembling a puzzle, or gazing at the beauty of God's nature landscape. Let God speak into your heart.

Prayer Prompt

Lord, May we revel in the beauty of Your silence! Whatever may distract us, take away our doubts and fears so we may find a peaceful pause in Your holy presence. Amen.