Day 29 - Priority


But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you

Matthew 6:33 ESV


By Bob Moore, Stewardship director & Planned Giving representative

How are you doing on your priorities?


Do you even know what your priorities are? I have discovered that every day in which I fail to reset my priority gauge, my day and energy will devolve into simply handling the most urgent, the most visible and the most audible, which may not be the most important.

We must decide what is really important, really necessary and then, make it a priority.


Otherwise, the siren call of the world will always engage us in busyness and distraction from what is really important; what really counts. By the way, only what we do for Christ will count in the end.

As our verse today implies, when we put God first, everything else flows the way it should be.

By putting God first, the seven (7) areas of stewardship come into play. We worship Him, we love and serve others, we care for ourselves, we give regularly and sacrificially, we keep the Sabbath, and we make His business our business. Moreover, recognizing our position as stewards, by creation and redemption, our first obligation is to please the Master. Jesus, our example, says, “I do always those things which please Him.”


I made pleasing Him my aim and my number one priority many years ago. But I have not always succeeded. Stuff and things are always vying for position and primacy.

So, every day, the very first thing, the first priority is to start with Him. When I do, all is well.


When I don’t, then the enemy invariably prevails in some way(s) which dishonors my Lord and Master. And, I fail in achieving my objective to always please Him.

We're going to be learning more about these seven priorities of stewardship this November 27 to December 3. You are welcome to come each evening at 7 pm to Volunteer Park Church in Seattle or tune in online for a live broadcast at




Activity Prompt

What priority goals is God prompting you and your family to take? Brainstorm together and set smart accountability goals in one or more of the 7 areas of stewardship. Then - start taking action!

Prayer Prompt

Holy Father, thank You for making me a priority. By Your grace, enable me to see that so few things are really important and at least take care of these first. Amen.