Day 28 - Jump

By Nohelani Jarnes, Deaf ministries coordinator

The committee and staff for Deaf Camp was up against a decision: do we go ahead and host Deaf Camp this summer or do we hold off for yet another year?


We had been planning Deaf Camp for several years, but each year it had been canceled for various reasons.

We decided to hold meetings with our staff to discuss the issues. Yes, we may not have enough funds to make it work this summer. Yes, there is a possibility that COVID might change the guidelines and restrictions. No, we might not have any campers this summer.

We were not sure which way to plan - cancel camp again or go ahead with all the doubts and uncertainties.

Our group prayed for guidance and decided to wait on our official decision until our next meeting.

Before our next meeting, I felt God saying, “Jump.”


I envisioned standing on a cliff and jumping off to the unknown. Instead of terror, I felt peace and the knowledge that God was carrying me and our staff safely through the unknown.

At our next meeting, our Pastor for Deaf Camp said the same thing - we need to let go and give this camp to God and see how He works.

Terrifying, yet exciting, we proceeded forward knowing God was leading. What an incredible blessing we experienced because of our response to God’s prompting to let Him take over Deaf Camp.

One Deaf camper is all that came to Sunset Lake Camp this summer. Disappointed? Not at all.


That one Deaf camper was baptized a few months after Deaf Camp was concluded. While the way seemed uncertain to us, God knew which way to go and led us. And - we're already looking forward to what God will do next summer with our next Deaf Camp at Sunset Lake Camp!

Activity Prompt

It's family discussion time! Reflect together: How has God impressed you in this last month about how you need to jump into His calling in your life? Talk it out. Pray it out. Draw it out. Play it out with a game or skit. Whatever works for your family!

Prayer Prompt

Lord, all the focused time we spend with You gives us further clarity about our mission and calling. Keep prompting our hearts to take the actions You place in our lives. May we live out Your love, grace, and compassion each and every day. Keep showing us in Your way as we anticipate the grand reunion of heaven. Amen.