Day 24 - Light


A devotional poem by Pam Scott, associate treasurer

She lays her fiery red head on a cotton candy pillow

And sinks down into the night

Her work completed for the day

Or is it?

In reality she slips from one horizon

Into the next

To bring her light to a new place

A new set of people.


The old man in the moon

Reflecting off her vivid color

Manifests in the sky as a tangerine image

Which becomes brighter and lighter

As she moves away below the line of sight.

The lesser light in the sky

With the gravitational pull

To move oceans


As we: you and me.

Who of us are the leaders?

The front of the pack

Guiding, motivating

Giving direction to the team in your environment.

Who are the lesser light?

Reflecting the light God put inside us

Finding our own space to

Quietly use our influence to move people.

We are all in a particular season


As the sun and the moon follow their rhythms and cycles

So our lives are lived in seasons and times

Though perhaps less predictable than the sun and moon

Seasons of joy

Seasons of change

Seasons of financial prosperity

Seasons of financial distress

Seasons of being the parents of young children

Seasons of watching our adult children develop in their own lives

Seasons of care giving

Seasons of starting new jobs

Seasons of planning for retirement

Seasons of success

Seasons of failure

Seasons of growth

Seasons of anxiety

Seasons of trust

Seasons of doubt

Seasons of loss

Solomon the wise king wrote:
For everything there is a season.


Our seasons of life become our ministry.

There is nothing new under the sun.

What I experience, someone else has already experienced.

What you experience, someone else will come after you to experience.


We like to know that we are not alone in our feelings

Not alone in our experiences.


Open and vulnerable sharing of our experience can make a profound difference in someone’s life.


I don’t want to see your perfection. I want to see your weakness, and see how you worked through it.

Do you think that is why the Bible is so full of the stories of human failings?

How could we have hope if all we saw were perfect people?

How could we put our trust in God, if we did not feel a need for God?

For my strength is made perfect in weakness. I will glorify in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Vulnerability is your superpower.


Like the moon’s ability to have a gravitational pull over the whole ocean

Your willingness to share has the power to move through the world

A rippling power that will move multitudes


Our seasons
They are the reason we live
They are our purpose in life.

God has worked in my life.

He is working in yours too.

Be the light, today, that God created you to be.


Activity Prompt

At family worship time especially in the evening when it is dark, pull out flashlights and turn off the lights in your living room and/or house. Take a tour of your house, shining the light on different things you are thankful for. Take time to pray through these blessings. As appropriate, pray for those who don't have the same blessings. Finally, pray for each person in your family that they may have and share the light of Jesus in their lives.

Bonus prompt: Do a Bible word study on the word "light."


Prayer Prompt

Lord, You continually bring light into our dark world. You are the Source of light. Even in the shadows of the valley of death, the shadows must have a light source. You are the Light of the world who cannot be hidden. Help us, Lord, each person in our family, to accept Your light into our lives and to share Your light in our daily interactions. Amen.