Day 2 - Choice

by Bob Moore, Stewardship Director

Everything is a Choice.


Sometimes we think so fast, using heuristics (a big word for little people that means learning something for oneself), that we don’t realize that we have a choice or what our choices are.

This was me, floating along in life like a leaf on the river. Pulled by the current of circumstances, I was living life without “conscious choice."

A conscious choice is one that we make in the moment without thinking of the past or worrying about the future. It involves consciously choosing how to respond in the moment, in a state of awareness and not a reaction or simply drifting with the current.

It was in reading Viktor Frankl’s classic, Man’s Search for Meaning, that I discovered that even in the most horrific of circumstances, let alone life in America, I always have a choice.

I recalled a position paper I wrote in 1978 in a Criminal Justice class, Determinism or Free Will. Somehow, my position on free will had eroded.

Paraphrasing David Henry Thoreau, I too, want to live life deliberately. Therefore, I make a conscious effort to be aware of my options, live in the moment and instead of drifting or reacting, I exercise my will and choose.

In 1972, I chose Christ and today, I choose to pursue Him, and every other choice I make is predicated on that one choice I made fifty years ago.

In the words of Joshua 24:15 “as for me and my household, we chose Christ.” How about you?

The choice is yours…


Activity Prompt

Play a family game of "Would You Rather?" Here's five questions to get you started - feel free to create or Google more options (like this set of 30 Bible questions):

  1. Would you rather only be able to whisper or have an incredibly loud voice?
  2. Would you rather have heard one of Jesus' sermons or seen one of his miracles?
  3. W0uld you rather see the burning bush talk to Moses or see the fire consume Elijah's alter in front of the prophets of Baal?
  4. Would you rather live on only bread (manna) for 40 years or be struck dumb for 9 months?
  5. Would you rather read the Bible sequentially or spontaneously in any given order?

Prayer Prompt

Lord, we pray as a family that You will help us make the best choices in every part of our lives from our thoughts to our actions and reactions. Help us live in awareness of what You are doing in our lives and how You are transforming us day-by-day. Give us Your eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to help, mouth to encourage, and heart to care. Amen.