Day 16 - Breathe

By Michelle Wachter, vice president for education

In returning and rest you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.

Isa. 30:15

I have always been a multitasker – a major multitasker.


I have a picture from when I was about 10 years old sitting on a couch with a hairdryer (the ones with a plastic cap and air blew into it) while listening to a radio with earphones and reading a book.

The more projects I had going in school, the better. I was always on the move as well - loved meeting new friends, going new places and doing new things – going….meeting….doing…..

The two-word phrase from the Bible that I never followed was - BE STILL.


Our minds were not created to multitask without a break of being still.

Being still quiets the noise and stops the chaos of the mind. Be Still and Know that I am God (Inhale. Exhale). It is when I am still, deep breathing focusing on God when I hear His voice the best.

(Inhale. Pause. Exhale.)

I know in life we have so much to do. In the teaching world, it’s papers to grade, classes to teach, lessons to write, emails to answer, phone calls to return and that is just the work part of life - not even talking about the responsibilities and to do lists in one's personal life. In your world, it’s [fill in your blanks].

Whatever is going on in your life, I invite you to say with me – “Be still.” Take two deep breaths and quietly say: “Be still.”

Take time to listen to God and breath in His presence.


Activity Prompt

Create two side-by-side lists: identify what qualities of heaven you want to BREATHE IN (e.g. love, joy, peace, forgiveness, grace, etc.)  and what qualities of earth you want to BREATHE OUT (e.g. anger, fear, overthinking, disappointment, etc.). Discuss your lists as a family and then pray together.

Prayer Prompt

Lord, right now we ask you to come into our minds and quiet the crazy pace that we live. We want to be still and listen to You. Show us Your truth. Guide our thoughts. Open our hearts. Transform our lives. And may more people learn of Your abundant love, grace, and peace through Your story in our lives. Amen.