100 Blessings

We have had a year of learning new things and doing things differently. But we have also had a year where God’s word still went forward.


We have seen churches and schools pivot and learn new ways through technology to share the gospel. We have seen the church use tried and true ways to share the gospel through feeding the hungry and working one-on-one with people who are hurting.

It has been an intense year.  But as we end this year, we end it with thankfulness for each of you and your ministry throughout this year. Thank you for being who God called you to be. - Doug Bing, president




• Ministerial, Evangelism and Children’s Ministry departments presented a virtual missionary week of prayer for Pohnpei Adventist School

• Prayer Ministry, Communication, and Administration teamed up to share a virtual camp meeting week of prayer

• Women’s and Children’s ministries collaborated for a Mother-Daughter Home Retreat with 90 registrants and more online viewers

• SAGE helped with painting projects for Federal Way Hispanic Church and with building projects at Sunset Lake Camp

• David Salazar in the Youth Department and the Communication team cooperated on filming weekly Sabbath School discussions in the early days of the pandemic

• Children, Youth, Young Adult, Single Adult, Outreach, Health, Communication, and Pastoral Facebook groups helped nurture a virtual sense of community this year

• Maranatha Volunteers International aided Sunset Lake Camp in renovating Lakeside House.

• Education, Prayer Ministries, Ministerial & Communication leaders teamed up to present a day of prayer for our schools

Outreach Ministries



• Thousands of families weekly fed through established and emergency food distribution sites including Auburn City, Kent, Monroe, Poulsbo, Lewis County, Emerald City (Seattle), Maranatha (Seattle), Mt. Tahoma (Tacoma), Grays Harbor, Port Angeles, Lynnwood, and additional locations

• 440 gallons of FEMA hand sanitizer (value: $30-40 per gallon) distributed to ACS centers, health ministry leaders, schools and churches

• 12,500 2-ply masks supplied to front line volunteers, community partners, and employees

• $25,000 food relief grant from NAD Adventist Community Services for 8 specific food programs in western Washington

• Recently trained emotional and spiritual care volunteers (in February 2020!) assisted with PNW wildfire response and disaster response warehouse management volunteers deployed to Oregon.

• Teamed up with Kiana Kabanje, the Disaster Preparedness Outreach Program Manager for the Emergency Management Division of the Washington State Military Department, to present a Who Depends on You? webinar preparedness series

• Enumclaw church has adopted a housing area where many people are close to homelessness and are providing new pillows and other aid to help the residents

• The Ghanaian Church, which is one of the smaller churches in the conference, fed over 100 people in an effort to help their community during the holidays

• Maranatha Church continues to host weekly emergency food distribution, healthcare screening, homeless feeding in their neighborhood, and a free legal clinic

• Auburn City Church spent 140 days praying for God to open the doors for emergency food distribution, and God abundantly answered this prayer! Auburn City now serves as a distributor to additional emergency food distribution sites

Prayer Ministries



• 1,028 global couples participated in a 40-day Marriage Revival challenge

• Dozens of callers across the nation participated in weekly “Faith Over Fear” prayer calls during the first wave of the pandemic

• Presented 31 Days of Praise for Alter the Altar month concluding with a first-of-its-kind virtual “Concert of Praise

• Both Renton and Bonney Lake offered "Drive-By Prayers" for neighbors in the early days of the pandemic

Local Churches



• Western Washington churches presented 40 weeks of virtual church in 2020!

• Where a handful of churches were livestreaming before the pandemic, now a majority are either livestreaming or hosting church via Zoom

• Auburn Academy Church, Auburn City Church, Kent Church, and Monroe Church hosted multi-week outdoor services

• The gazebo at Auburn Adventist Academy became a weekly baptism site with a portable baptistry!

• Pastor Ruddy Vivanco from South Tacoma Adventist Fellowship records weekly Sabbath School lessons in English and Spanish

• Pastor Jordan Stephan from Kirkland Adventist Church hosted a daily podcast called Better News Today for 66 days with a different book of the Bible featured each day

• Pastor Rome Ulia from Auburn Adventist Academy Church hosted RAWTalk podcast to interview community leaders in Auburn in the early days of the pandemic

• Kirkland Adventist Church hosted an online revival series All About Jesus with Lee Venden with hundreds of viewers

• Randy Maxwell and the Renton church started a radio broadcast that is reaching most of Seattle each Sunday morning and soon on Saturday mornings

• Poulsbo Church established a family network to check in on member needs, set up weekly Zoom worship services (including guests), hosted virtual potlucks and afternoon conversations often lasting until 2:30 pm, and joined in the emergency food network to aid families in their community.

• Port Angeles Church received a donation of livestreaming gear just a couple weeks before the pandemic arrived. God knew the right timing!

• Elma/Grays Harbor/Willapa district with Pastor Richard Kurtz hosts a simple livestream each week and are connecting with former members

• When Transformation Life Center in Olympia hosts a baptism, there's a trend happening right now where someone who had been watching online asks for baptism - the cycle continues!

• One of our Korean pastors records his sermons each week and they are sent to Adventist World Radio and are beamed into China and North Korea

• Puyallup Church has almost completed their final phase of their building project and will move into the sanctuary in 2021

• The Ethiopian church joined an international Bible study, provides content for it each week, and celebrated baptisms this year as a result




• Pastors' meeting moved online to Zoom with a specific training session about leading in crisis and emotional health

• Coordinated three ordinations and two commissions

• Provided emotional, spiritual, and leadership support for pastors

• Created and launched the Just Us podcast with a Christian look at racial reconciliation and justice

Children’s Ministries



• 85 registrants participated in Sabbath School-VBS leadership training

• 97 dads and daughters attended the pre-Covid Daddy & Daughter Banquet

• 268 average devices (and more kids per device) connected to the Virtual Children’s Week of Prayer in English and Spanish

• Partnered with the North American Division Virtual VBS program (in English/ Spanish) to present creative ideas for the Snack Station

• 400 kids blessed with Christmas in a Box outreach

• Produced "Away in the Manger," a virtual special needs Christmas feature for social media

Youth Ministry


• Supported two new Pathfinder clubs and 1 new Adventurer Club

• Participated in the NPUC Virtual Pathfinder Bible Experience (all WAC teams scored a 1st place)

• Hosted a pre-Covid Teen Retreat on mental health

• David Salazar was a frequent guest speaker for Youth Sabbath School Zooms, online youth gatherings, and local church sermons

• The Youth Department contributed to and participated in the #OneTeam Playbook planning for 17 Youth Ministry Leadership Tracks

• Provided resources and online content to youth leaders to address issues created and magnified by COVID

• Hosted Adventurer how-to videos for at-home craft sessions and an Adventurer e-Fun Day

• Our Washington Pathfinder clubs represented the highest number of registrations for the NPUC Pathfinder Virtual Camporee and provided music for the NAD Youth Sabbath Service.

Evangelism & Church Planting


• Leading the union with 192 baptisms, 65 professions of faith, and 15 rebaptisms to date

• Baptisms were held indoors, outdoors, in pools, in tubs, in the ocean, in lakes and under AAA’s gazebo

• We have had baptisms and rebaptisms that came directly from the streaming efforts of church services and evangelism services

• Three churches – Auburn City, Mount Vernon, and Maranatha – are participating in the Church Revitalization Program

• Three new churches were planted this year: Shelton Spanish, LifeBridge, and Slavic

• Signed a working agreement with Adventist Frontier Missions to place a missionary couple to help reach our Native American population in Lummi. This is the first type of agreement like this in the United States as AFM normally works abroad

• Received $641,000 from an estate to cover current and future evangelism outreach expenses

• Several of our pastors have conducted evangelistic meetings virtually for other churches both in the United States and abroad as well as had virtual series conducted for their churches from abroad

• Tyler Long recorded a new series of meetings in the studio that feature mental health topics.  These will be used for virtual evangelism in 2021 and also lead to in person small group meetings.

• Nemaia Faletogo presented evangelism series and weekend revival meetings virtually and in-person throughout the conference with a huge outpouring of baptisms




• Enrollment increased this year as community families sought alternatives to public school to provide in-person education to scholars

• We are currently educating 1,222 students (regained new students to fill the openings left by graduating students, plus added 16 new students)

• The biggest school enrollment growth is represented by our small one-to-three teacher schools

• Many schools have waiting list for students now because our private schools are offering in person teaching

• Each of our 19 schools pivoted in one weekend last spring to finish the year with remote learning and then re-opened this fall with Safe Start plans for in-person and hybrid learning

• No student or educator has contracted Covid-19 on one of our school campuses. In the handful of cases experienced in our system, the exposure came from off-campus interactions

• Local school communities are engaging in community service including food drives, food distribution, and adopting families impacted by Covid by helping with groceries, gas and other needs

• 500 young musicians participated in the conference-wide music festival – the last gathering before Covid-19 arrived in our region

• Bellingham church started a tutoring program for 12 community children whose parents cannot stay at home with them to teach them at home

• The K-12 Board received an application to reopen a school in 2021 and that process is moving forward

• Auburn’s international student program has continued with a number of students attending virtually from China

• Auburn Adventist Academy continues to operate with a balanced budget and has made major progress in debt reduction

• Camp meeting tents were repurposed this year to provide outdoor classrooms for schools and outdoor worship venues for local churches

Health Ministries


• Worked along with Outreach Ministries to provide resources such as food services, masks, and clothing locations

• Partnered up with Red Cross blood donation for church health events 

• Offered Zoom classes: exercise, health tips, prayer groups, as well as Bible studies

• Facebook Group: COVID updates,  free testing site, and health related resources

• Participated with Children Ministries on Adventurer day and Women’s Ministries

• Established a Spanish radio station ministry and offered information on health related topics




• 225 average devices (with more audience per device) connected to watch Virtual Week of Prayer during camp meeting on Facebook and YouTube

• Hosted #SabbathStream church services for 13 weeks while local churches worked to get their programs online

• Collaborated with each department who wanted to host a virtual event

• Coached pastors and local ministry leaders in social media, livestreaming, and virtual events

• Created a number of encouraging music videos (here's the YouTube playlist)

• The Washington Conference studio has had unprecedented use and many have also been trained to use studio equipment for their own programs

• Engaged in creating virtual community for 3,400 Facebook, 1,665 Instagram, 1,100 YouTube, and 5,800 e-newsletter connections

Hispanic Ministries



• Federal Way Hispanic Church received their building permit this year to construct their new sanctuary on the same block as the conference office

• Women’s Ministries held virtual retreats on Zoom for hundreds of participants in the spring and fall

• Hispanic Youth continue to be involved in online ministry through prayer time, virtual retreats, and small groups

• Hispanic Churches continue to engage members in prayer, small group ministry, and online evangelism

Regional Ministries



• Hosted a peaceful 14-block march and rally near Emerald City Church

• Provided consultation on racial reconciliation

• Planning a virtual Days of Celebration to start 2021 with prayer, praise and preaching

Finance: Treasury, Planned Giving & HR



• Hired a summer crew of students to digitized financial records

• Witnessed online giving grow from 30% to 80% of donations (Give anytime at adventistgiving.org)

• God surprised us with tithe that was better than expected. He is faithful!

• The number of new wills and trusts have increased this year even during the pandemic

• Arranged for outdoor signing sessions for clients to safely complete their Wills, Trusts and planned gifts

Sunset Lake Camp



• Sunset Lake pivoted to be able to offer sites for churches to have worship services outdoors as well as offered self-guided hikes for families and places for them to have campfires together as families

• Hired a core team of students to work on maintenance projects, record a weekly podcast, and reach out to previous campers

• Worked on project and fundraising plans for Rainier Village to engage in year-round family ministry (give to this project at https://www.sunsetlake.org/donate)

• Received $200,000 in a matching grant to help build the new family cabins




• Hosted a plethora of virtual meetings by Zoom for: pastoral districts, coaching sessions, prayer times, weekly staff meetings, social gatherings, Executive Committee, Board of Education, Lay Advisory and more

• Encouraged ministries, churches and schools to find creative and safe ways to engage in ministry during a pandemic

• Multiple administrators and department leaders added local church pastoral or local school leadership responsibilities during the hiring freeze this year

If you look close and count carefully, you will find more than 100 blessings! You'll find 111 blessings! And this isn't all God did this year in our conference! God took care of us in abundant ways and we praise Him for His goodness in good times and difficult times.

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