What To Expect

No question – we are all missing some aspect of a traditional camp meeting gathering. With Hybrid Camp Meeting, the desire is to offer the next best option: sending out a livestream signal to church host sites and to your home.#


Here’s what you can expect June 18-26:

Morning Gathering

Each day from 7-8 am, you are invited to join a Morning Gathering of worship and prayer on Zoom. Your hosts will be Pastors Eddie General, Bob Moore, Randy Maxwell and a few of their friends! You can watch or listen from the comfort of your home or listen on your mobile device on your way to work.

Morning Schedule

Kids’ Programs

The pastors who lead kids’ programs at camp meeting are making virtual versions! All kids’ programs will be available on-demand for you to watch with your children or grandchildren. Run time: approx. 20-30 minutes

  • 2 virtual programs for Beginners (ages 0-4)
  • 3-4 virtual programs for Kindergarten (ages 4-6)
  • 3-4 virtual programs for Primary (ages 7-9)

Kids' Programs

Junior & Teen Programs

Juniors: don't miss the excitement, goofiness, and fun with God of the junior camp meeting program with Eder Pagola! Teens: follow @youthwa for encouragement to move forward with Jesus!

Junior & Teen Programs

Host Sites

Seeing friends (and making new ones!) is always a camp meeting highlight. We have a growing number of churches who will be opening their doors for you to come view the livestream and see your local church friends in person. Local Host Sites may even have outdoor social activities planned! And — It’s OK if you are more comfortable watching from home. You have viewing options!

Host Site Locator

Evening Program

You won’t want to miss a sing along time at 6:45 pm whether watching from your church or from your home! This will lead into a 90-minute time of family worship, from 7-8:30 pm, featuring keynote speakers Lee Venden, Ty Gibson, and John Bradshaw who will present messages about Walking Forward with Jesus, together as a Christian community, as we journey toward heaven.

Speaker Bios

Afterglow Prayer Time

Right after the evening program will be a short yet meaningful time of prayer and reflection. Pray with your local church family or join our Zoom team from approx. 8:30-8:45 pm. Host: Randy Maxwell and friends.

Sabbath Programs

Sabbath at camp meeting is an extra special time of worship and praise! Local churches are invited to host a 30-minute Bible study time for kids and adults before the livestream from 10:30 am to 12 pm

Auburn ABC

The Auburn ABC Bookmobile will be making deliveries to 24 churches between the four Sundays of June. Look for Christian book and veggie food sales! You’ll find an online catalog at: www.auburnabc.com

Online Catalog

Daily Emails

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Viewing Options

The evening and Sabbath livestream will be available for viewing at local host sites, Facebook, Vimeo, and the @washconf app. The morning and prayer gatherings will be on Zoom. Comment on the Facebook Live feed for online community interaction.

4 Ways to Watch

Social Updates

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