Viewing Platforms & Schedule

Viewing Platforms

Washington Conference's Hybrid Camp Meeting program will be broadcasted to:

Your Local or Neighboring Adventist Church

Gather with your church family for fellowship and worship


Designed for churches and individuals to stream; watch here at or at

(The Vimeo app for Roku didn't perform well in testing - so sorry!)


Intended for individuals to interact and chat


Ideal for morning worship and evening prayer time


Featuring a live program weekend evenings for teens

Hybrid Schedule

Morning Gathering (Virtual)

  • 7-8 am on Zoom (devotional + prayer time)
  • 7-7:30 am on Facebook (devotional only)
  • Text Prayer Requests to 425-523-5598
  • Hosted by Pastors Eddie General, Bob Moore, Randy Maxwell & Friends

Morning Zoom Link

Morning Meeting ID: 865 2017 4173
Zoom is open to the first 100 viewers for worship at 7 am and prayer at 7:30 am

Morning Facebook Gathering

Facebook is our overflow viewing platform for worship from 7-7:30 am

Kids & Teens Gathering (Virtual)

  • 2 Beginners programs (on demand)
  • 3-4 Kindergarten programs (on demand)
  • 3-4 Primary programs (on demand)
  • Teen programs live on @youthwa IGTV

View Kids' Programs

View Teen Programs

Evening Gathering (Virtual + In-Person Locally)

  • 6:45-7 pm Sing Along
  • 7-8:30 pm Evening Worship via Vimeo (Web, App, Roku), Facebook & in-person at Local Church facilities and the broadcast site in Puyallup

Afterglow Gathering (Virtual)

  • Approx. 8:30 pm on Zoom (right after the Evening Gathering)
  • A discussion, prayer and praise time reflecting on the Evening Gathering
  • Text prayer requests to 425-523-5598
  • Special prayer times:

    • Tuesday: families and marriages

    • Thursday: health and healing

  • Local churches may elect to host a similar small group time

Afterglow Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 841 9487 7901

Zoom is open to the first 100 viewers for prayer at 8:30 pm

Sabbath Gathering (Virtual + In-Person Locally)

  • 10:30 am - 12 pm online stream to local churches and homes
  • Suggested local Bible study before 10:30 am


Keynote Speaker Schedule

  • Randy Maxwell: First Friday & Wednesday mornings
  • Bob Moore: First Sabbath, Monday, Thursday & Second Sabbath mornings
  • Eddie General: Sunday, Tuesday & Friday mornings
  • Lee Venden: First weekend (Friday evening, Sabbath morning, Saturday night)
  • Ty Gibson: Sunday-Thursday evenings
  • John Bradshaw: Second weekend (Friday evening, Sabbath morning, Saturday night)

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