Thematic Overview

We, as a church family, experienced what it meant to be the church beyond the traditional four walls this last year. As we walk forward, this is a good opportunity for us to ask:


  • What does it mean to be the church?
  • What does it mean to maintain the unity of the church that God has already established?
  • How can we live out the type of life God has planned for His community?

Bible scholars identify the book of Ephesians as a snapshot of a healthy, vibrant, and growing church. Paul counseled the early church in Ephesians to walk forward with light, love, forgiveness, grace, peace, and hope.

Our camp meeting journey each evening will:

  • Start with a focus on Walking with Jesus
  • Continue with a focus on Walking Together in Christian Community
  • And Conclude with a focus on Walking Toward Heaven

The morning gathering will encourage participants to Walk Faithfully through prayer, forgiveness, grace, love, peace, hope, unity, resilience, and joy.


The theme addresses the needs of our nation, our church, our families and ourselves. Our ministry team invites you to join from your church, home, or mobile device in discovering more what it means to Walk Forward together as we anticipate heaven.

Craig Carr, Washington Conference camp meeting executive producer

The early church had new opportunities for growth as they stepped forward into their gospel sharing mission. The church today has new opportunities for growth as we step forward from a pandemic, relational losses, personal anxieties, and racial-political tensions to step closer to the Kingdom of God.