Welcome Home Campaign

Welcome Home: Building a Place Where You Belong

Imagine a place where Washington Conference members can gather as family and friends to worship, relax, learn and laugh. Imagine a place where our neighbors and friends are welcomed and made to feel like part of the family. Imagine a place where Jesus is experienced in each smiling face and every brilliant sunset.

Welcome to Sunset Lake Camp. Welcome home!


The Project: Building the Family Room of the Conference

For 60 years, Sunset Lake Camp has been a place where young people come to meet Jesus through adventure and community. Now we are expanding our ministry to encompass adults and families.

Think of it as the family room of the Washington Conference. At the heart of this new emphasis is a village of 12 cabins designed with needs of families in mind. Each hillside cabin features two private bedrooms and baths with a common living space.

With stunning lakefront views, these cabins will be the premier destination for churches and conference groups for years to come.

The Plan: Building a Community

Think of the old-fashioned barn-raising experience. The entire community, old and young, women and children, came together to help a neighbor in need. Much more than a simple construction project, it was about building community. The Hillside Village project is designed to function in the same way. It is our hope to bring together a community of donors, contractors, volunteers and support partners to make this project happen. The result will be more than physical structures, but a family of supporters who are engaged in the ministry of camp.

The Finances: Funding the Dream

Our goal is to build these cabins for around $100,000 a piece including site work. Work is being done with Pierce County, Puget Sound Energy and various construction and engineering professionals to verify the scope of work required and the estimated cost of construction. Without any unforeseen surprises, we are hopeful to be able to meet our goal.


The Invitation: Join the Family

We are looking for individuals, churches and groups who would like to partner with us to make this dream possible.

Here's how you can be involved: Individuals or organizations could donate funds, contractors could volunteer their services, churches could rally together fund raise and build an entire cabin.

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