Offerings Explained

Offerings Explained

Offerings are in addition to Tithe. This is a freewill expression of your gratefulness to God, how He is providing in your life, and how in turn you wish to bless others. Some givers like to give a percentage (such as half-a-tithe or a full-tithe) and other givers like to give to special projects in amounts as God impresses.

Here are four key offerings that have expanding ripple effects:




Local Church Ministry

Offerings to your local church help with local needs: Sabbath School, Vacation Bible School, Adventist Christian Education, evangelism, facility maintenance, special outreach projects, and more.

Washington Youth Offering

This is a new Conference Ministries offering to help grow young Adventists from early childhood through young adults. Beneficiaries include children's ministries, youth ministries, young adult ministries, Pathfinders/Adventurers, Sunset Lake Camp, and Adventist Christian Education.

Conference Evangelism Offering

Each year, members of Washington Conference pledge at camp meeting to donate funds for conference-wide evangelism. God always blesses above and beyond with these commitments as we faithfully share our faith with the community.

World Ministries Offering

Each year 12-18 ministries are featured with the World Budget Offering. These ministries receive a predetermined percentage of the offering: Religious Liberty, Adventist Television Ministry, Adventist World Radio, Christian Record Services, Disaster & Famine Relief, Multilingual/Chaplain Ministry, Women's Ministry (NAD Offering), Higher Education (Oakwood, Andrews, Loma Linda), Mission Appeal, Voice of Prophecy/La Voz de Esperanza, Global Mission, and Adventist Community Services (NAD Offering).