God's Generosity

Our Sovereign Lord is all about generosity. Think of the abundance that flowed from His creative hand. Think of how He has led His people, resourcing them above and beyond with blessings meant to share. Ponder how we sometimes get possessive of His gifts and withhold them from others in need.

Stewardship exists to be a continuous reminder of God’s constant mercies raining down upon us to cultivate a Christ-like character of giving, service and sacrifice in His people. Stewardship of our time, talents and treasure leads the way in fulfilling the great commission of Jesus to go and make disciples throughout our communities and around the world.

Jesus is Faithful

Expanding God's Blessings - In All Things In All Times

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The Stewardship department encourages believers to partner with God in the faithful use of His blessings to promote hope and wholeness wherever they go for the glory of God and the advancement of His cause upon the earth.

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Stewardship Director

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