God First Week of Prayer


Where does stewardship fit in with the life of the Seventh-day Adventist Christian? The answer is simple: Everywhere!


Pick a topic, any topic. Spirituality, the health message, family life. All of them relate in some way to stewardship.


Discover more about seven stewardship-related promises you make to God in this series of GOD FIRST week of prayer messages.

God First In...



Day 1 - Prayer & Intercession

RANDY MAXWELL, Washington Conference vice president for administration

Day 2 - Importance of Sabbath

DAVID YEAGLEY, Washington Conference young adult ministries director


Day 3 - I Promise Commitment

BOB MOORE, Washington Conference stewardship director


Day 4 - Healthy Habits

ELIDA JEREZ, Washington Conference health ministries director

Day 5 - Compassion & Generosity

DEREK LANE, Washington Conference outreach ministries director

Day 6 - Totally Involved Members

TYLER LONG, Washington Conference evangelism and personal ministries director

Day 7 - My Commitment to God

BOB MOORE, Washington Conference stewardship director



I Promise Commitment Cards

Prayer Initiatives

  1. Holy Spirit to reach soul for His kingdom
  2. Renewed Vision for Finishing the work in our generation
  3. Teams of strong faithful stewards
  4. A spirit of Revival and Reformation in our Conference


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