Shook Up to Start Believing


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by Tyler Long

Robert grew up in Port Orchard, Washington, with ten other siblings. Robert’s parents were terrible alcoholics, and as a result, at a young age, Robert was placed in several different foster homes. One of Robert’s foster parents brought him to a Christian church, and a seed of truth has been planted in his heart.

After high school, Robert joined the United States Army. During the ten years, Robert spent serving his country, he became a bad alcoholic. After being discharged, Robert continued to drink and added marijuana to his list of addictions. Robert's wife was also a bad alcoholic, and she passed away five years ago from throat cancer brought on by years of smoking. Robert spent most of his career working in the Bremerton Shipping Yard.

Though Robert tried to stay busy in life, he always knew that something was missing. That seed that the Holy Spirit planted in his heart at a young age continued to grow. A few years ago, Robert received a brochure in the mail inviting him to attend an evangelistic meeting at the Tacoma Central Church. Robert believed what he heard presented each night was true and he wanted to move forward, but his addictions kept pulling him away.

Over the next couple of years, Robert attended each of the evangelistic meetings put on by the Tacoma Central Church. Working at the Bremerton Shipping Yard made getting the Sabbath off nearly impossible as a result; he was not able to attend church on Sabbath. Still, Robert felt the Holy Spirit speaking to his heart, and he knew he needed to surrender his life over to Jesus.

After a recent doctor’s visit, he was informed that if he did not stop consuming alcohol, it would kill him.

This reality shook Robert up, and he prayed and asked God to take away his addiction. God continued to impress Robert’s heart that it was time to get his life right, and five months ago, Robert stopped smoking marijuana. Robert knew that he could no longer get high and serve the Lord at the same time.

Pastor Scott Tyman from Tacoma Central continued to pray for Robert. The enemy of souls had such a hold on Robert that it would take a miracle from the Holy Spirit. Thankfully, we serve a God that answers prayer. With tears in his eyes, Robert was baptized on January 11, 2020. Robert said that being baptized by Pastor Scott was one of the best feelings he has ever had.

This past March, Robert was laid off as a result of COVID-19. Rather than turning back to his old habits, Robert has learned to trust in his Heavenly Father. Robert prays daily for his family and friends. He wants his family and friends to come to know Jesus so they, too, can experience the joy and purpose of serving the Lord.

Robert knows that he is a sinner saved by grace.

Robert likes to tell people, “If it weren’t for the Lord Jesus Christ, I wouldn’t be here today. I would most likely be dead.” 

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