Launching LifeBridge



Bridging People to Better Life Now and for Eternity

By Dustin Serns

What would you love to see end in our world today? Racism, violence, pandemics, loneliness, depression, child abuse, human trafficking, death of loved ones…?


Jesus said, “And this Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14). As we stand with the oppressed and empathize the with hurting, the ultimate solution will come through faithfulness in Jesus’ mission.

We live to see every person receive a meaningful invitation to accept Jesus, embrace the blessings of His truth and become part of a vibrant group eagerly awaiting His soon return. This happens through multiplying relationships, disciples, leaders, groups and congregations. We believe the Holy Spirit is raising up a movement of multiplication in the Washington Conference and beyond.

LifeBridge Church in Tacoma is part of that movement. It is an action response to faith in God’s ability to create something out of nothing. And He is!

Launching a New Church

Last year a few young professionals from Port Orchard SDA Church began dreaming about how they could effectively reach their clients and coworkers in Tacoma. They realized the best way would be to plant a new church. Every church is effective at reaching certain kinds of people, so to reach more kinds of people, we need more churches. Tacoma Central SDA Church already had a similar vision and was eager to partner with Port Orchard to carry it out.

The Holy Spirit began bringing together a core team for the church plant as they prayed and recruited. The core team began meeting weekly to lay out vision by studying the community, growing as leaders and building the DNA of the new church.

When quarantine limited their community events, they participated in the Hope Awakens online series and launched virtual Bible study groups. The team is excited about opportunities opening up to serve and make friends in the community, find a venue, begin monthly practice worship gatherings, and build a strong launch team of people committed to help carry out the mission. LifeBridge plans to launch weekly Sabbath worship gatherings this October in the University Place area.

LifeBridge is a Jesus-centered community that pursues connection, growth and service. We are especially focused on reaching young professionals and young professional families in the greater Tacoma area. We are eager to share and live out the beauty of the Adventist message in a way and environment that is accepting and meaningful to unchurched people.

LifeBridge is praying and working to become a multiplying church that plants more churches in the greater Tacoma area and beyond. We are excited to see what God will do as we “bridge people to better life now and for eternity.”


“Upon all who believe, God has placed the burden of raising up churches.”

-Ellen White, Medical Ministry, p. 315.

7 Ways YOU can Participate in Church Multiplication


  1. Pray for people you know to accept Christ and be baptized. Pray for Jesus to change lives through LifeBridge Church (and other church plants).
  2. Live Missionally – Each week, bless someone and eat with someone who is not from your church. Ask questions and listen to them. Discover their struggles, passions, values and dreams. Share why you love Jesus when the Holy Spirit opens up the opportunity.
  3. Lead a Group – Invite friends from your church and community to connect once a week for 6-8 weeks at a time to serve, study the Bible, or do something fun. God will grow you as a leader and your group members as disciples. They will become some of your key leaders when you are ready to start or join a new church plant.
  4. The Launch Team – Join the launch team for LifeBridge Church (or another church plant) by committing to live missionally, worship on Sabbaths and serve in a ministry. Contact Pastor Dustin Serns if you are interested: 360-723-2469.
  5. Give – Donate to help with LifeBridge startup costs (or another church plant’s). New church plants have more costs with fewer people to help. Find LifeBridge Church on at or the Adventist Giving App. Contact Pastor Dustin Serns at 360-723-2469 for where you can mail a check.
  6. Invite/Refer – Do you know someone in the Tacoma area who might be interested in LifeBridge? Let them know. Invite them to come with you to a LifeBridge event or gathering. Let us know their name and contact info and we will be happy to personally connect with them! Contact Pastor Dustin Serns: 360-723-2469.
  7. Follow – Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (lifebridgeway). Sign up for the LifeBridge e-newsletter (send your name and contact info to Join a virtual Bible study group. Engage with our livestream (when we launch).

Who are you praying for? How is God answering prayers that you are praying for your friends and family?


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