I Believe Today



by Darrel Brock

One day last winter I was picking up my mail and among the envelopes was a flier. My initial thought was, “This must be from the Jehovah Witnesses.”

It got my attention for a moment. It was kind of colorful and had several pictures on the cover including the U.S. capitol and a man with a bar code on his forehead. I looked at it quickly and then tossed it on the kitchen table with the rest of the mail. I didn’t think too much of it.

But a couple of days later I was going thorough the mail and came across the colorful flier again and I started to read it. It was about Unlocking Bible Prophecy and about Keys to Hope in Uncertain Times.

As I was reading the list of topics that would be presented, I said to myself, “This sounds like something I would be interested in.”


So I showed up the first night at Maple Valley Adventist Church and liked what I was hearing.

I went home and talked to my son about it. He decided to come and joined me on night number 3. My son came for 2 nights and then missed night number 5 because he was experiencing severe pain in his back.

By the grace of God he was able to come back for night number 6 and was able to continue night after night after night together with me. I was so glad my son was able to come and learn together with me and make it to the end of the seminar. We learned so many things that were new from the Bible.

Everything was presented straight from the Bible. Towards the end of the seminar, we were both struggling with our decision to get baptized. We were both thinking that we would attend church for a while and then get baptized later.

But on the last Friday evening we heard the message about U.S. in Bible Prophecy and saw how prophecy is being fulfilled before our very eyes. And at the end of the message the speaker spoke about how the devil’s strategy to get people lost is to tell them, “Believe that God’s word is true. Believe that you should read the Bible. Believe that you should make a decision about it. But do it tomorrow.”

And when we heard the appeal, we knew that we needed to make a decision instead of putting it off. My son got up to go to the front of the church and I followed right behind him. And the next day we were both baptized together. I believe today, and so does my son.




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