Camp Meeting at Home

The heart and soul of camp meeting is you – the people of our family of faith. We love seeing you, talking with you, praying with you, eating with you, sharing with you, worshiping with you.


Virtual worship just isn’t the same as in-person worship. It’s disappointing for all of us to not be gathered together in person.

Still…we want to make the best of this Virtual Week of Prayer, so our camp meeting planning team came up with some ideas for Camp Meeting at Home. Pick and choose what you’d like to do! Dream up more ideas!

We hope you’ll take a picture and share it with us by email or on social media with the hashtag #wacampmeeting or by tagging @washconf.

Camp Meeting at Home Ideas

  1. Create a camp meeting environment: Pitch a tent in your backyard (sleep outside if you want!)
  2. Whip up the tastes of camp meeting: Make Shamburgers for supper (we have recipe options for you!) or your favorite camp meeting sandwich. Don’t forget the sweet treats like blending up a Romachino or whizzing together a smoothie (Treats of Life has both recipes for you!)
  3. Spend quality worship time with your family: read a devotional thought, pray, sing, and/or play a Bible board game.
  4. Nurture a sense of generosity: contribute to a ministry cause with your time, talent, treasure, testimony or network of ties.
  5. Invest in relationship building: pick up the phone, arrange for a video chat, host a Zoom conversation, or write a letter. Find ways to personally connect with your camp meeting friends. Listen for how God worked in their lives in the last year. Share what God is teaching you now. Pray together over the burdens of your hearts.

What are your ideas for Camp Meeting at Home? Do you have a special tradition? What are you missing most? Maybe certain friends that you only see and talk with once a year? Maybe certain foods that you only make and eat at camp meeting?

Make the Most of Virtual Camp Meeting

  • Join the chat box – say hello, share your town, share a sermon quote that stood out to you
  • Say “Amen” with likes and hearts
  • Share the stream and Host a Watch Party of the evening program with your friends
  • Show up online on time. This will be a compact 60-ish minute program starting promptly at 7 pm. It will go fast and you will want more! Watch from the beginning so you don’t miss anything!
  • Find ways to make Camp Meeting at Home meaningful to you.
  • Participate in the audience giveaway challenges!

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