Washington Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

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Camp Meeting Evaluation Form
You are invited to share your camp meeting experience.

Which statement best describes you?  I attended camp meeting in person;   I attended camp meeting online;   I attended camp meeting both in person and online;   I did not attend camp meeting this year;  
Rate your overall experience at camp meeting:  1-Poor;   2-Okay;   3-Good;   4-Very Good;   5-Excellent;  
How much has camp meeting deepened your spiritual experience?  1-Poor;   2-Okay;   3-Good;   4-Very Good;   5-Excellent;  
Camp Lodging:  1-Poor;   2-Okay;   3-Good;   4-Very Good;   5-Excellent;   Not Applicable;  
Camp Food:  1-Poor;   2-Okay;   3-Good;   4-Very Good;   5-Excellent;   Not Applicable;  
Camp Staff:  1-Poor;   2-Okay;   3-Good;   4-Very Good;   5-Excellent;  
Select topics that interest you:  Personal Prayer;   Personal Testimony;   Sharing Your Faith;   Fasting;   Family Worship;   Service in the Community;   Biblical Meditation;   Small Groups;   Family/Marriage;   Stewardship/Finance;   Discipling Children;   Bible Study;   Nutrition;   Exercise;  
How did you hear about camp meeting this year?  Church Bulletin;   Anticipate;   Gleaner;   Church Website;   Conference Website;   Friend;   Conference e-newsletter;   Church Announcement;   Mailing Program Guide;   Social Media: Facebook;   Social Media: Twitter;   Social Media: Google+;  
What was your main reason for attending? :  Spiritual Renewal;   Rest;   Seminars;   Speakers;   Youth/Children's Programs;   Worship Experience;   Fellowship;  
What did we do right?
What can we improve for the future?
Suggested auditorium and workshop speakers:
Other Comments:
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