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Created date Jun 02, 2015   Last edit Jun 04, 2015 at 4:22 PM
by Heidi Baumgartner; Source: Auburn ABC, info@washingtonconference.org

 Auburn ABC staff photo
Auburn ABC staff (Dennis Carlson, interim manager; Gill Bahnsen, shipping; Ginny Parkhurst, assistant manager;
Alex Lingas, new owner; Margie Lyman, clerk; Herman Schreven, Spokane Adventist Book Center representative;
and Tammy Kijak, clerk (not pictured)) worked hard to make sure the store ownership transition happened seamlessly.

Auburn, Wash. (June 2, 2015) - The Adventist Book Center in Auburn, Wash., has a new owner, a new-but-familiar name, and new inventory selections!

The bookstore went on the market in February 2015, and caught the attention of Alex Lingas, an Adventist businessman who runs Wholesome International and Wholesome Essentials, a vegetarian food distribution company, and owns Loma Linda Market (home of the famous Prune Cake).

“I believe that the Adventist Book Center has become and is still part of who we are as Adventists,” says Lingas. “To many church members, the ABC is the only place they know where they can purchase their positive and uplifting reading materials and their favorite vegetarian foods.”

The seamless transaction occurred at the end of April when Washington Conference Corporation sold the business and its inventory (but not the name or the physical building) to Lingas.

“Alex Lingas is bringing some exciting new innovations to the store,” says Dennis Carlson, interim Auburn Adventist Book Center manager who managed the sale and transition. “I am very glad that the store will continue to service our members in western Washington and be our source for Seventh-day Adventist books, literature, Bibles and vegetarian foods.”

The independently-owned model brings several changes including its name. The store’s new name is Auburn ABC, a familiar and shortened version of its previous name. The name "Adventist Book Center" can only be used by conferences and Pacific Press Publishing Association.

“Our goal is to make Auburn ABC not just a place for people to buy their favorite Christian books and vegetarian foods, but also be a strong supporter for any efforts to educate the community about a healthy living lifestyle,” Lingas explains.

The store will be featuring a new inventory selection including specific book selections; bulk foods; repackaged nuts and grains; selected vitamins and supplements; expanded vegetarian and gluten-free products; and a limited number of convenient grocery items. With the connection to the Loma Linda Market, the Auburn ABC will have access to many products that will only be available at this store in western Washington.

“We would like to expand the role of the store to not just be operated as a typical retail store, but also to be a place where the community can learn more about how they can take better care of their body,” says Lingas.

As part of the agreement, the Adventist Book Center in Spokane, Wash., will handle the 1-800 phone orders, online orders, textbooks and periodicals.

Two things will not be changing: The friendly faces of staff members and a desire to serve customers with Christian living literature and healthful food selections.

“We want our customers to know that we want to hear from them,” Lingas says. “We need their input on how to improve the store. There is no questions that purchasing habits are changing, but we believe that there are still enough members who will appreciate the service we provide. We want them to make the store their place to learn new things about how we can live better and healthier.”

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