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The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a global Protestant Christian denomination of 18 million members. The church's mission is to show people the character of God's love, to invite them to accept His gift of salvation and to worship their Creator in a community of fellow believers. The Adventist Church is committed to the development of minds and characters through education and joyous living in celebration of health--the denomination promotes healthful living and operates the largest Protestant network of hospitals and schools worldwide.

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12-05 Grandma Pauline Finds Answers to Her Life-Long Questions (Washington Conference / Evangelism Department)
12-05 Reflections from Rosario Singles' Retreat (Washington Conference / Adventist Singles Ministries)
10-05 School Graduation Schedule 2016 (Washington Conference/Office of Education)
03-05 Dan Bentzinger Retires with 43 Years of Evangelism Stories (Washington Conference)
25-04 It is Well with My Soul ()
24-03 Oil Changes for Single Moms ()
15-03 Union-Level Pathfinder Bible Experience Results (Washington Conference / Pathfinders)
08-03 Leaders Learn to be Generational Translators ()
09-02 Women's Ministries Fall Retreat Reflections (Washington Conference / Women's Ministries)
01-02 Tapestry of Faith (Washington Conference)
18-12 Get Involved with Ministry Activities in 2016 (Washington Conference)
18-12 God With Us: A Christmas Message (Washington Conference)
20-10 A Double WAVE of Awards ()
07-10 Washington Youth Rush Produces E-Book ()
10-09 Auburn Sees God’s Answers to Prayer (AAA)
10-08 Children's Leadership Convention ()
21-07 Stories from Sunset Lake Camp (Sunset Lake Camp)
07-07 Vacation Bible School 2015 (VBS)
06-07 I was frustrated, and then God said… (GC Reflection)
02-06 Adventist Bookstore Offers New Focus on Health (Auburn ABC)

- http://www.washingtonconference.org/news.php
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